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TOP 10 apps and cell phone games for couples

Here you will find the best app for couples: have fun and discover many things you didn’t know before about your soulmate!

Do you think that there is no more flame of love between you two? Do you want to have a really good time in bed? Do you want to know which is the most romantic app of all? Or maybe you are looking for a shared budget app for couples… We don’t know. But whatever it is what you want, don’t miss our list today: the best 10 app for couples (Android and iOS).

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Best apps for couples so far: love is in the air!

Couple, one of the best long distance apps ever

Couple is an app that allows you to create a virtual space that only you two (or you two can access). There you can send photos, videos, messages, poems, locations or voice recordings. You can also create reminders and shared task lists.

Ideal for: long distance relationships.

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Undercovers: the marriage app!

Do you want new ideas to make the perfect gift for your lover? Do you want to discover his or her fantasies? What hobbies and interests do you have in common? With Undercovers app, you will discover many things about your partner that you did not know before… skip the routine and keep on knowing your boyfriend/girlfriend/wife/husband!

Ideal for: couples who have run out of imagination.

icebreaker app

Lovedays, another amazing private chat

The dates may seem a bit bland, but remembering them within the couple is very important. Loveday helps you remember all your anniversaries: the first date, the first night, the first party, the wedding … make every day count!

Ideal for: couples with no memory at all.

best couple chat app

69 positions: add a spicy touch!

69 positions for iPhone is an app store game for couples a little spicy. You will find 69 different Kamasutra positions that you have to fulfill: can you do them all? The app comes with photos and explanations so you do not skip any of them. Discover new pleasures!

Ideal for: couples who need a little bit of help in bed.
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Fix a Fight: Heals Wounds Before They become Deadly

This couples application is ideal for fixing problems and solving discussions. With the marriage therapist Mark McGonigle, you can resolve conflicts and strengthen your relationship. It is an ideal tool for those who believe that there is no solution to their crises.

Ideal for: couples who want to solve their problems.

marriage apps

Bliss, one of the best mobile games for couples

Bliss is known as the game for lovers, and instead of doing it with spicy or sexual games, the app prefers to use intimate and more romantic games. It’s like a board game, with its dice and board. Over 700 couple mini-games are waiting for you!

Ideal for: couples wanting to try romantic games.

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Feeld: there are many different ways to experience your love

Feeld is a dating app for couples or singles looking for something different. It is a breakthrough application to link freely, without prejudices and with no limits. Despite being an app a bit out of the ordinary, it is serious and discreet. Is this the future of relationships?

Ideal for: couples wanting to explore new things.

find threesomes with this application

Couplete, a couples to do list app you should already have on your phone

This is an app similar to Couple (the first of this romantic list), but much more updated and modern. The application allows you to have a shared and private space between you two (a couple private chat) through which you can send messages, photos, audios or videos. You can synchronize calendars and to-do lists!

Ideal for: couples who need to organize a little better their day to day.

Lok Lok: communicate without unlocking the screen

Are you texting each other all day, but is it a pain in the ass to have to unlock the screen every time? With Lok Lok that is no longer a problem, as the app allows you to write to the other’s lock screen directly. As the two mobiles are synchronized, you can use it as a way of communication: messages, photos or drawings, whatever you want!

Ideal for: couples that are hooked to the cell phone all day.

loklok ap to write on lock screen

Happy Couple, a very original question set

Do you think you know everything about your partner? Do you want to bet something that you still have things to discover? With this game, you will spend a great time together, as it is totally adapted to your type of relationship (hetero, LGBTQ, young, with or without children, greater …). A series of questions and answers of love that will leave you amazed. In addition, the app gives personalized tips and small challenges to have a good time.

Ideal for: all the couples in the world!

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