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most addictive games android

10 Most Addictive Games Android (2018)

Are you looking for a game that does not require huge difficulty but that entertains you for hours? Are you tired of the typical recommendations of Candy Crush or Angry Birds and you are looking for original games for Android? We love plyaing with our smartphones and tablet, so we could not miss the opportunity to bring you our particular TOP 10 entertaining games Android 2018.

most addictive games android

Ten games that will hook you to the screen of your Android (2018)

Smash hit, probably the best arcade game for smartphone

Smash Hit is a free game for Android that will take you through imaginary universes and mystical dimensions with a very peculiar soundtrack. You will need large doses of precision, concentration and rhythm to destroy the crystals with your metal balls. Hyper-addictive.

smash hit game for android

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Dumb Ways To Die: Can you keep your characters from dying stupidly?

Dumb Ways To Die is a very entertaining Android game in which you will have to avoid that some funny characters die. There are different screens of just a few seconds of duration in which things happen very quickly: stop them from falling to the tracks of the train, maintain their balance or prevent them from being electrocuted. 29 minigames in which your speed and skill will be put in doubt.

dumb ways to die game free

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Toilet Time: minigames perfect for when you go to the bathroom

Enough of reading the leaflets of the shampoo. Toilet Time is a set of entertaining mini games from Android designed for your most intimate moments in the bathroom. And everything, of course, revolves around the theme of the toilet: prevent the soap from falling to the floor, shave without cutting your face, remove the food stuck in the teeth or throw the dirty paper to the toilet. Are you ready?

toilet time apk full

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Plague Inc: infect humanity before they find cure

Normally, in apocalyptic films, the goal is to save humans. But not at Plague Inc: you have to infect the entire planet with bacteria, viruses and other epidemics before scientists find the cure. It is very accurate and it clearly meets the expectations of being hooked for hours your phone: it has been the game of the year on numerous occasions!

plague inc for free

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Zombie Tsunami: get the world’s largest zombie horde!

A runner-type game in which you start with a running zombie and you will have to infect pedestrians who get in your way. Get prizes, points and extras as you raise the level: did you know that you can make the zombies go on a motorcycle or a robot? Over 200 million players around the world have become addicted to this entertaining game: will you be one more?

zombie tsunami hack

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Atríviate, the game of questions and answers that will get your most competitive vein out

If ever in your life you have played the trivial, you will immediately understand the operation of the best set of questions and multiple answers game for Android. It’s free and you can play against your friends: will you get the 6 colored stars? Also, you can steal those stars from your opponents … watch out the fights!

addictive game android

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Alto’s Adventure, a stimulating snowboarding game that will make you dream

If you were looking for one of those cool games for Android that only few people know, Alto’s Adventure is the one you were waiting for. You will take a character on your snowboard and you will have to go overcoming the snowed screens that are placed in front of you. Follow the laws of physics and learn incredible tricks in a carefully developed game.

alto's adventure proximity backflip

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Dan The Man: retro roll, a funny story and many obstacles along the way

Within the most entertaining games of Android, Dan The Man occupies one of the highest positions. This is one of the best games of 2016 (and by now, 2018) that more than 10 million people have already downloaded. Get back to the roots of retro video games with your Android and fight, beat levels, gain skills and more with our favorite 8-bit hero.

dan the man pc

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Crossy Road: Why did the chicken cross the road?

The viral game of the year has come to stay for a while. It already has 120 million downloads and now it allows multiplayer mode, which makes it an essential game of the entertainment world. This is a free arcade adventure runner-style game. Jump into infinity … and beyond!

crossy road disney online

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Piano Tiles 2 ™: forbidden to touch the white keys

Whether you’re into music or not, this free piano game for Android will make your fingers hook (literally) to the screen. Choose your rhythm, your song or your game mode and start playing the piano at an ever-higher speed. Do not touch the white keys or you will lose!

piano tiles 2 download

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And you, what simple but amazing Android games you find the most entertaining? What do you like and least like to play with Android? What’s your favorite game? Write us in the comments! Any suggestion?


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