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5 Cool Apple TV Apps you need to know!

Let us bring you a sort but amazing list of 5 app for AppleTV: free movies, tv series, shows, synchronized screens… everything you need to know is here.

Apple TV is one of the most innovative set-top boxes of the market. A set-box is a receiver or television decoder that gets the digital (or analog) signals and transforms them in order to be watched on our TVs. AppleTV (4, 3, 2 or any other version) is the perfect complement to those Apple fanboys, as they will make the most of it -remember, they (our you) will probably already have an iPhone, iPad, or a Macbook, for instance. Today we show you what is available on Apple TV for free: the most popular apps for Apple TV!

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Best apps for Apple TV!

But first: can you add apps on Apple TV from any device?

If you remember, a few months ago, there was an official announcement about a particular App Store for this television device. Well, to the day we can say that this application store is a reality. At first, you could only access the store from the television device. However, in one of Apple’s recent events, a new feature was introduced: the possibility to do the same from any other iOS device.

In order to do that, you need to download or buy an app from your Mac, iPad, or iPhone, and this will be automatically installed on your TV. Remember, you need to synchronize all the devices with the same Apple ID. In this way, next time you turn on the television, you won’t need to do anything.

The launch of the App Store has meant an increase in the number of apps in the last months. We bring you some of the coolest applications -remember you can find many more on the official store for Apple TV.


Did you quit a tv series a long time ago and you don’t remember which was the last episode you watched? We are pretty sure you have suffered this at some point in your lives. In this sense, Plex can be your solution.

This tool is in charge of organizing all your files (videos, music, and photos) and classifying them by genre, artist, year, or author. It will remind you what have you already watched or which was the exact minute you went to sleep last night.

Its performance is very simple. First, all files are uploaded and saved on Plex’s server -a.k.a Plex Media Server. Once the application has organized everything, you can access to them through an intuitive and functional interface in just a few seconds.

If you are tired of browsing through your Finder folders and you never find what you want, Plex is one of those popular AppleTV apps you shouldn’t miss.

plex windows 10


This is one of those streaming apps AppleTV that has become a real revolution in the television world. Would you ever imagined (just a few years ago) that you could be legally able to watch movies and TV shows online à la carte? With Netflix, the user not only decides what to see but also when and where.

In Netflix, you will find a long list of series, movies, kids shows, and documentaries: entertainment is granted. One of the things we like the most is that you can create up to 5 profiles for the same account. This is perfect because every member of the family can customize their own television.

Moreover, thanks to its 1-month-free trial, you can uninstall the application if you don’t like it. There are no ads or hidden fees. But, be warned: once you have tried it, you won’t imagine your tv without it!

netflix free apk full


Beamer is probably the most efficient and simple way of watching movies from Mac to AppleTV. It is very easy to understand how it works, as it is the same as a regular video or music player for computers.

You just need to play the video on our Mac and it will automatically be projected on the television. Remember that you can control everything through iPhone’s Siri Remote or your Apple Watch.

This streaming AppleTV app will give you more freedom than the popular Airplay. For example, it supports almost any video format (mkv, mov, avi, flv, mp4, or wmv, among others). There are no problems with other formats, codecs, or resolutions, and the audio/video quality is perfect.

Subtitles are automatically detected and it will choose the language according to your preferences. Also, you can pause, rewind, or fast-forward with AppleTV remote.

One of the free apps for Apple TV you should already have installed!

beamer for mac

Official Website


Airparrot can be described as the Swiss army knife for Apple fans. This app for AppleTV is going to allow you to duplicate the screen of your Mac computer directly on television, without cables or extra programs.

Again, this is one of the free Apple TV apps that is far more superior than Airplay.

You can duplicate the whole screen or just an application in particular. Airparrot is faster than the original application (yes, again, Airplay). It is not only available for this television, but also for Chromecast, Windows, and other older devices, such as old Macs.

One of the good apps for Apple TV, 100% guaranteed.

airparrot ios free


In this case, we need airplay to run TorrenTV app for the famous Apple device. Airplay is an integrated application on AppleTV that synchronizes your files from all your iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, Mac…).

With TorrenTV, you just need to send the torrent file through Airplay -no need to download it! So, we will send the stream to the app and we will watch it: no wasted space, no chance for viruses to come. Oh, and you can send the magnet link if you prefer so.

Watch your favorite movies for FREE!

torrentv free movies mac

Available on GitHub

If you still wonder what is available on Apple TV for free or you need to learn how to download apps for any version… just take a look again at the list. Do you recommend any other applications for this amazing device?

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