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easy apps for toddlers
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Which child development app is best for babies?

It is a very common issue to talk about kids and new technologies -the same happens with schools and teachers, as they are growing up surrounded by tablets, apps, smartphones, Smart TV and so on. Today it’s time to see the best app for infant development. In other words, the apps for babies that all parents should already have downloaded on their devices. There are many applications for babies, do you want to discover them all?

easy apps for toddlers

TOP 5 Baby Free Apps

Baby Rattle Toy: one of the Top Kids Apps you shouldn’t miss

As its name says, Baby Rattle Toy is a virtual rattle toy that we can download to our smartphones for our babies. This app allows you to block the mobile phone or tablet so your son or daughter doesn’t make any call while playing. Besides, in order to avoid the mobile phone radiation exposition, there’s the possibility to play in plane mode.

This is one of the most popular kids app, as it comes with 6 kinds of different sounds. This amazing baby app encourages the hand-eyes coordination of the little ones through moving animals that they have to press on the screen.

Give him/her this digital rattle every time he/she cries, and you will see the results!

baby rattle toy free

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Baby names: newborn baby apps to choose the right name for him/her!

This is probably more an app included in applications for parents than in apps for preschoolers free or interactive apps for kids. But we would like to include it in our top app baby because it is perfect to choose the right name for our future kid. The ideal app for undecided parents!

In this mobile application, you will find more than 30000 names with their meanings, pronunciation, genre, and origin. It also allows you to see the popularity of a particular name in a particular year from 1880. You can use its advanced search by genre, initial letter or origins.

If you still are not sure what name to choose, you can make a list with your favorite ones and post it directly on Facebook or send it by e-mail. In this way, your family can also say their opinion! It is one of the great kids apps and completely free –though you can purchase the Premium version to skip ads, to see periodic suggestions or to discover which name goes better with your own names.

newborn tracking app

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Visual Stimulation for Babies: one of the top ten apps for toddlers

 This is one of those great apps for kindergartners that is only available for iOS users (iPhone and iPad). This app is considered the best educational apps for preschoolers and newborn babies. This application is a complement to the development of the kids regarding visual stimulation through high-contrast cards.

When kids are born, they just see in grayscale, white and black. When they grow up, they start seeing other colors. Experts affirm that high-contrast images help them to improve their visual development and that they must be present in the baby’s environment.

The best baby apps lists include this one for sure because it also helps to improve auditory development with 11 musical tracks. Besides, parents can record their own voice for up to 40 words to teach pronunciation to their toddlers.

It’s not a free app for babies, but the price is quite reasonable: 2,99$

visual stimulation easy apps for toddlers

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Baby Sleeping Music Free: music and lullabies to put them to sleep

We all know that singing lullabies is an almost 100% guaranteed solution to make our little ones sleep quickly or stop crying. But we don’t always have time for that, right?

This is why this baby app is so useful: it has songs and sounds that will make any baby sleep in just a few minutes. Soft and relaxing music for toddlers, 5 years old or newborns. Calm voices and variety of tracks that will make them sleep all night long.

Change the chaos for the peace with this app for babies –and for parents!

Probably the best toddler app (and baby application) with sleeping music, completely free and exclusive for Android.

apps for baby feeding

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Baby Night Light: Are They Afraid of the Dark?

Sleeping, together with feeding, is one of the most important parts of a baby’s life. They sleep between 16 and 17 hours per day. Baby Night Light bets for visual stimulation to make toddlers and babies sleep.

This app for babies glows in the dark and projects soft and comforting animations until the baby sleeps. You can choose between 14 cute and fluffy animals. Of course, you can adjust contrast and brightness. It is very useful as one of the apps for babies and toddlers, as well as any kid that is afraid of the dark.

When the app is activated, it automatically detects if the baby is sleeping or not through the detection of environmental sounds (crying, talking…). Once any activity is detected, the light is activated.

best toddler app

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As you can see, there are many fun kids apps as well as applications to make our lives easier. It doesn’t matter if they are newborns, toddlers or 5-year-old kids: technology is ready for all of them. But don’t forget that all babies want is you, not your smartphone!

Have you ever used apps for babies? Which ones? Have they been useful? Do you recommend any other?


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