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Best business app development for your company!

Today we bring you a great selection of apps for business: create a business card, a wokring plan or anything you can imagine. Be the best on your field!

The world of business and entrepreneurship is one of the most benefited by new technological advances, not only because of business app development but technology in general. Whether you’re a big company or a small entrepreneur, we’re sure you want to get the most out of your phone or tablet: we know that the benefits of a business are the most important thing to keep afloat.

Discover today our list of business applications.

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TOP 5 business phone apps!


Evernote is a fantastic business tool that will digitize and pass all your documents, photos, notes, videos, lists and more to the virtual world. You can share everything you want with your co-workers or employees, and at the same time access to the info from different devices in which you have Evernote installed.

More than 100 million users endorse the quality of this ideal app for entrepreneurs, businesses and enterprises in general. Evernote is going to become your virtual assistant where you can write, organize, discuss, collaborate, ideate a business mobile app development, and also keep your accounts, receipts and invoices up to date -yes, it works as a free expense tracking software for small business!

You can access even without an Internet connection and includes such useful options as writing notes in a PDF or scanning business cards. It’s a must!
custom apps for business

Docs to Go

And if there is something that is used in any kind of work, those are documents. But thanks to our smartphones, we no longer have piles of stacks of documents on the table: now we collect them all digitally. Sometimes that can also be problematic, not only in terms of organization but also reading formats.

Without a doubt, the most used formats are those of Microsoft Office and PDF, and unfortunately, most mobile devices cannot read them. That’s why Docs to Go introduces the free application to read PDF and practically almost any type of document.

One of those small business organization apps you need to download right now!

tracking expenses for small business and much more

Cam Scanner

Taking advantage of the high quality and resolution of the cameras of our mobile phones, we often use it to “scan” paper documents and have them stored on the phone. Cam Scanner (for small businesses) one of the best apps to scan for free on Android and iOS. Undoubtedly, it is an application that any entrepreneur or self-employed should have.

Thus, it recognizes the OCR format, which is ideal for editing the text later. The tool lets you save the document in PDF or TXT format and make selection of what you want to scan, in case it is not the entire document. It is also very useful for teachers!

You can sync it with all your devices and share it later in Dropbox or Google Docs.

convert photos to pdf free

Business Card Maker and KaiCards

We present you now two applications for making business cards. Presentation cards are indispensable elements in business and working relationships. It’s your cover letter and the fastest way someone can contact you professionally.

On the one hand, Business Card Maker (Android) lets you make your business card in just one minute. The app to create business cards gives you the possibility to make, save and share 4 different types: standard (the simplest, depends on the resolution of our mobile), vertical, multi-sized (you can save it in HD, regardless of your phone) or custom (100% customizable).

On the other hand, KaiCards (iOS) is another application for creating business cards with 20 different designs, 12 color schemes and allowing you to import your own backgrounds. You can adjust virtually everything, such as font size, include a QR code and even the size (7 business card templates).

create business card app easy


Stratpad is an indispensable application for business, since it is the best app considered for planning and business strategy. It makes it very easy!

It is completely free and helps you learn the basics of a business plan, gives you examples and allows you to create your own in a very simple way. Once done, then print it or send it by email, as well as save it in PDF. The app is for desktop and laptop computers as well.

mobile app company strategy

All these applications will help you with several important points of your business, from the creation of a business card to planning your strategy, or developing a small business mobile app development, for example. Each and every one of these points are important to the success of your business. Do you want to reach the top?

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