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Apps for Cats You Should Be Downloading Right Now!

Discover here the best mobile applications for kittens! They will enjoy as much as you with your smartphone or tablet.

In this website, we have already talked about apps for dogs and dog owners. However, we know that this world is divided between dog-people and cat-people, and that is why we bring you today the best apps for cats and cat owners. Does your kitty crave for amusement? Try these applications for tablets and smartphones.

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7 apps for your cat (Android and iOS)

Best animal videos on Android

Whether you are looking for a video of a mouse for cats, or a cat giving birth, this is your app. Of course, this application has more than just kitty videos: it is, in fact, a compilation of the best Youtube animal videos.

So, you can enjoy videos with kittens, dogs, ducks, pandas or any cute and/or funny animal you can imagine. You can share the videos you like directly on Facebook or other social media, and you are able to mark them as Favorites.

You can also look for videos so your cat enjoys as other kittens meow or a mouse is running on the screen. Start your day with a smile!

free cats videos android

Pocket Pond 2: whose cat doesn’t like fish?

While on the previous app for kittens you can find a swimming fish video for cats, in Pocket Pond2 you are going to have a real Japanese pond on your screen. This means that your cat can play with fish, frogs, hummingbirds, or turtles, for example.

In fact, this game is meant to be for people: you can send and receive koi fish, collect rare species, visit your relatives’ pond and feed your animals. The game is very interactive -the fish respond to your fingers-, and you don’t even need an Internet connection to play.

In the free version, there are no ads, so it is very enjoyable. You can play on your Android tablet or smartphone, and also on your iPhone. There is a high-definition Pocket Pond 2 for iPad. The graphics are astonishing!

pocket pond 2 apk

Neko Atsume: the cat game that makes Japanese go crazy!

You know how Japanese people adore cats. It is almost an obsession: Hello Kitty, the good luck cats (Manekineko), Maru (check on Youtube!), all the cat cafés in Tokyo… And now it’s the turn of Neko Atsume, a “catch the cat” game online that is spreading around the world.

Neko Atsume means something like “pick the cat”. And that is what you have to do: the game is based on placing snacks and food on your virtual yard… and waiting for the cats to come. You can collect all of the 40-different kind of kittens and become yourself into the master kitty collector.

Give them more food, take pictures of your pets, make photo albums… enjoy with your virtual pets. It’s so addictive!

neko atsume japan cats

Kitty video games: Catch the Mouse

For less than 1$ you have hours of entertainment for your kitty. As the name says, it consists of a mouse running around the screen. That is why it is better played on iPad: you pet’s paws will have more space on a bigger screen.

It also has realistic sounds! Moreover, there is a score board that will tell you both how many times has the mouse been caught.

Simple, but effective. Tested by the developer’s cats!

videos to catch a mouse for tablet

Game for cats (iOS) and Tap Tap Cat (Android)

Our tablets are the perfect devices for our furry friends. The flat large screen allows them to fully enjoy videos and games. So, we have chosen two games for kitties that are better played on iPad and Android tablet:

  • Game for Cats: an interspecies game for iOS users that will make your cat go crazy every time you show him/her your electronic device. Probably one of the best video games for cats ever made: controllable laser point, mouse chasing, different levels… Entertainment for hours.
  • Tap Tap Cat: an app designed to the little detail that allows your favorite pet to play for hours. You have the Glow Mouse to chase, the Space Dots (laser points), and the Cheese World. Amazing for them, but boring for us.

Both designed for our beloved animals. Choose your operating system and have fun with your kitty!

ios game for kitties

tap tap mouse apk

Cat Around the World 2: PC online game about a traveler kitty

Otherwise, if you are looking for free cat games for kids, Around The World 2 is the answer. If you go to the official website (below the image), you can choose the country, continent, or part of the world.

The game loads very fast, and the objective is pretty simple: feed the virtual cat through the different levels. Make him eat the burger (in case you are in the USA) or the sushi plate (in case you choose Japan).

Entertaining and amusing! Great for kids!

cat around the world

These are the best applications for cats so far: do you know any other? Do you recommend us and the community more apps for your cat? We are waiting for you!

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