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which apps work with chromecast?
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Apps for Chromecast: how does it work and what is it for?

Today we bring you the top list of app that are compatible with Chromecast. Watch movies and listen to the music directly from your TV!

Chromecast receivers are becoming more and more popular in homes all over the world. But, do you really know how it is used and what Chromecast is? We’ll explain everything below, plus we’ll bring you the best apps for Chromecast – so you can get the most out of it. Take advantage of new technologies directly at the living room of your home!

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How does Chromecast Works and its free best applications

Google Chromecast is one of the cheapest and simplest ways to stream from your mobile to your TV. The receiver is a small electronic device that you can buy on Amazon and plug into your TV through the HDMI port.

You need to connect the TV and the device to your home Wi-Fi network, just like your phone or computer – or the device you want to use to send the videos, whether is an iPad, a MacBook or whatsoever. This device becomes the channel through which you can watch the content of certain apps of your mobile / Tablet / PC comfortably on your TV screen.

That’s why most apps supported by Chromecast are video apps, although they are not the only ones. Discover how to watch the screen of your mobile device on your Smart TV with Google Chromecast.

TOP Free APPS for Chromecast


YouTube app is already default on most of mobile phones. In fact, it’s great for watching videos of all kinds, listening to music or keeping track on the latest movie trailers. It works decently – especially after the latest updates – and it is one of the top apps for streaming with Chromecast.

The app has the little Chromecast button (next to each video) through which you can see what you choose on the big screen. Let’s have fun!

app free chrome cast


If you usually watch Netflix on your mobile phone, tablet or computer, we think it’s essential that you buy the Chromecast gadget – unless you already have an Xbox and you run the Netflix application from there (no more Gold account required!).

Thus, you can see all the movies, series, animations and documentaries on your television. If you have paid a Netflix account and you really enjoy it, do it in a big screen.

streaming video on tv with iphone

Spotify for Smart TV: because music is life

We have already talked about a couple of video applications (one free, YouTube, and one not so free, Netflix), so we leave the third position for a compatible music app for Chromecast. Specifically, we have chosen Spotify, since we can use it in its free version or buy a Premium subscription.

So just need to send your favorite playlists  and songs through the Chrome Cast button and relax. Don’t you think that the sound of your TV is much better than the one from your phone or iPad? Let yourself go, sing, dance, and enjoy!

listen to songs on tv from phone

Angry Birds Go!

We can not only project movies from the mobile or PC to the TV, but there are also games compatible with Chromecast. This is the case of Angry Birds Go or Monopoly, both available for being played in the big screen.

Angry Birds Go is different from the games you already knew about Angry Birds (the one to shoot down little pigs with flying birds). On this occasion, we drive a kart and race with other players. It’s hilarious, and it reminds us of the mythical Crash Bandicoot or Mario Kart – but with the characters of Angry Birds, of course.

Tournaments, racing, multiplayer … is super entertaining and one of the games that work with Chromecast that you cannot miss. It’s free and available for both Android and iOS.

angry brids go samsung tv

Pokémon TV

If you want the kids to also take advantage of the new device and the TV, download this children’s free app for Chromecast: Pokémon TV. Okay, maybe you don’t need to be a little child to enjoy these cartoons. We know that, we are also very fans of Pokémon.

In this app for Pokémon you will find:

  • All episodes of the series.
  • Animated shows.
  • News about Pokémon, so that you are always up to date.

chrome cast kids application

Do you prefer the full list of Chromecast compatible apps? Don’t miss them!

Click here to see all the best streaming apps for Chromecast

We hope you enjoy a lot with all your mobile applications. We think it’s not the same thing to watch movies on one small screen than on another screen – take advantage of the inches!

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