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dog care app you should know
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Best Apps for Dog Owners

They say that a dog is man’s best friend. However, nowadays it seems that our best friend is our smartphone. Why don’t we combine both relationships? Many apps help us to understand a little bit more our furry friends. Control and training, a walk app, an application to scare dangerous animals, or even funny applications for our friends, among many other things. Today we bring you a short (but intense) list of best apps for dog owners.  

dog care app you should know

Best Apps For Dogs

1-     Best dog training app

Dog Whistle, a virtual whistler for dogs

As announced on its famous TV spot, Whistle is an app that has been downloaded and used by more than 20 million users. The application for dog owners is based on the typical training whistle for dogs that sounds almost imperceptible for us, but it is very useful to control our pet.

You can choose the frequency range from 80Hz up to 20000Hz. You just need to swipe your finger over the screen or introduce the frequency by writing it manually. You can also choose between different kinds of sounds.

Some of the users are not happy because their dogs don’t answer to this particular whistle. Well, you cannot entirely train and control a wild animal with just a mobile app, don’t you think? This Dog Whistle application is a complement to our pet training, a tool that, together with some techniques and a lot of patience will help us train our pet.

This application is completely free for Android and iPhone.

dog noise app

Get it on Google Play

Available on the App Store

Dog Tricks and Barck Machine, the best application with tips on how to control your pet

This is the best-rated application on the Apple Store in terms of training and controlling dogs. All the tips and photographies of Bark Machine have been taken from the dog training books “Maran Illustrated Dog Training” and “Maran Illustrated Puppies”, both supervised and approved by experts of the US Association of Professional DogTrainers.

Besides, you can combine these tips and tricks some complementary sounds, such as a cat’s meowing, dogs barking, a doorbell, a fire truck, rubber toys, or training whistle. Have fun for hours while you teach him/her some tricks to impress your family!

This app is not free and it is only available for iOS (iPhone or iPad). One of best dog training apps nowadays.

dog tricks application

Available on the App Store

2-     Apps for lost dogs

Back2gether, the perfect app to find your pet again

Back2gether is an app made to find lost animals, whether they are dogs, cats or whatsoever. You can indicate where did you lose your pet in an interactive map, and, at the same time, you can specify that you have found a lost animal. In fact, it is a very useful “track a pet” application.

In this way, the real owners can get in touch with those pet saviors by SMS or e-mail. You just have to take a picture, post it on the map and wait to be contacted. You can share it directly on Facebook or Twitter to spread the word even more.

For now, this dogs app is exclusive for iPhone users, but they are working on a future version for Android smartphones. The pet care app you need right now: tracking your pet has never been so easy before.

Back2gether apk android

Available on the App Store

uPet: a track your dog App you shouldn’t miss

Do you know how to track your dog? Initially, uPet was going to be some kind of “passport” for our dog (or cat, as you wish). A passport in which we could find their picture, all their information, owner’s info, vaccinations, etc.

If for any reason, your dog gets lost, the application automatically sends a picture of the animal and the place where it was lost to the users that are located close to the missing point.

The developers of uPet have started to make aluminum plaques with identification codes that can be scanned (BIDI codes) and they will send an e-mail to the dog’s owner telling them where their pets are. It is like a GPS tracking for dogs on their necks!

In this case, uPet is only available for Android cellphones.

upet pet watching app

Get it on Google Play

3-     Games for dogs app and funny apps for funny owners

Pet Translators: what are they saying?

Do you want to know why your puppy is always barking? Is it hungry? Is it sad? Does it wanna play? Doubts are over! There are many dog apps that make a magical promise to the users: we are able to communicate with our pets through our phones.

Some of these applications send the craziest translations of the recorded barking of your puppy (or your cat’s meowing), while others allow you to bark back.

Is it true? Not at all. Is it funny? For a while!

android pets apps

what is my cat saying

Get it on Google Play

Available on the App Store

We hope you enjoy these amazing apps for our dogs: some of them useful, some of them funny. Don’t forget that what your pet needs is our company and sometimes this is only achieved by leaving our smartphones on one side. They are part of our families!

Do you know any other mobile dog app? Do you use any pet food or pet care app? Let us know!

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