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Where to get free music downloads for my phone?

On other occasions, we’ve talked about the most successful and popular musical apps for Android and iOS devices. However, a list of apps to download free music are not easy to do, because many of these applications are malicious and we don’t want you to have them on your device.

Finding a good Android free music download app is pretty difficult, but even more for iPhone or iPad, as Apple is more cautious with any kind of file that you want to install on your phone or tablet.

But we like to work hard for you. In TuAppPara, we believe that difficult doesn’t mean impossible, but a challenge. So here you have a super selection of good free songs downloader apps for Android and iOS. Most of them are new to our website, so pay attention.

music free download online

Apps to download music on iPhone

iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch … In general, iOS devices do not make it easy for free songs lovers. A free music download app iPhone on the App Store is very difficult to find, and, if you find it, it is possible that in a few hours it has already been erased. Still, we bring you three that with a bit of cheating allow us downloading songs to iPhone for free.

Freegal, one of the best apps to download music to iPhone (legally!)

Who says that downloading songs for free is illegal? Today we bring you an app that has surprised us a lot, because it allows you to legally get music for free onto iPhone, and also it can be found officially on the App Store. Ladies and gentlemen, this is magic!

No, it’s not magic, it is Freegal, an app with more than 9 million mp3 songs ready to be legally downloaded through your local library. Don’t think that there are only unknown artists, but also you can check out the TOP Hits of the moment.

Which is the trap of all this? For now, it is only available on the United States and its network of libraries. Once you install the app to your mobile, you can search if the library you belong to has contracted the Freegal service. If they have it and you have your library card, you can start a non-stop downloading session.

Freegal app to download music free iphone

Available on the App Store

Soundcloud, a good app to download free music on iPhone and iPad

We have talked about SoundCloud on previous occasions because it is one of the best app to identify songs, for example. Its features are multiple, and we are not going to explain now all of them because we know that what interests you is how to get free songs from SoundCloud for FREE.

In its Premium version, it is easy to listen to songs when we do not have Internet, but what interests you is something free, right? Well, for this we will need to enter Safari or the browser that we use and enter this web:

Once there, we need to copy the link that generates the song that we want to get into the iPhone. And then, start downloading it. It’s a bit tedious, yes, so for a couple of euros you can do it directly with the App. Maybe it’s worth that little investment.

music download apps for android and iphone

Available on the App Store

Amazon Prime Music, take advantage of the 30-day free trial!

The third iPhone app to download free music is Amazon Prime. Of course, in order to enjoy it at zero cost, you have the limitation of one month. We think it’s more than enough to check if we want to get the full version or not – and besides, we can listen to a lot of songs during those 30 days.

In Amazon Prime, every week new songs are released, all the hits of the moment. There are more than 10 million songs to which we can access at any time. Not bad, don’t you think? You can listen to all your favorite hits offline: songs, albums or playlists.

In Amazon Prime you can listen to all the songs you have bought on Amazon (either in mp3 or Autorip). If you look on their official website, you will see that there are many free songs – perhaps not so well-known, but in the end, free.

good apps to download music

Available on the App Store

A few good apps to download music for Android

Finding a good and reliable song downloader is easier on Android than on iOS, but we still have to keep an eye on it. Malware never sleeps. Today we present 2 official Google Play apps to download free music online to your phone and the best free music download sites for Android phones.

Flud, an amazing torrent downloader

If you know uTorrent, you’ll already know how these programs or torrent apps work. What’s more, Flud is also a BitTorrent client. The decision to recommend one or the other is almost arbitrary, rather by aesthetic taste than by functionality.

We like Flud because despite being less known because it is great to download all kinds of torrents, both in Smartphone and Tablet. In addition, it has a series of features that make it very downloadable:

  • Unlimited downloads (and unlimited uploads as well).
  • Choose file download priority.
  • Supports Universal Plug and Play, DHT and NAT-PMP.
  • You can move and copy files while they are downloading.
  • Large files downloading.
  • Optimized for the chosen device (tablet or cell phone).

It has a very modern interface and simple to use. Remember to choose torrents of reliable pages, and always stay in the legality of downloads of your country, we are not responsible!

pps for iphones to download free music

Get it on Google Play

ARES mp3 Free Music Player for Android: a fake music downloader for Android!

It is possible that ARES sound like the 00s to your ears. And it is true that, some year ago, it was a successful and popular music and video downloader for computer. After that, many competitors appeared, such as Emule or uTorrent, and it slowly disappeared. But not completely, because if we go to Google Play, we find ARES app.

However, we have to warn that it is not an ARES to get files. It is a simple music player. In fact, it’s pretty simple and we think they only have it there to earn money with advertising at the expense of the brand’s old fame. It has a very good score in Google Play and in the comments the (supposedly true) users say that they can download songs. No way.

We leave you the download link of ARES just in case you want to check it by yourself. We do not recommend it to you, but we put it on this list as a warning.

free music player

Get it on Google Play

Youtube-mp3, the most reliable website for downloading free music

Youtube-mp3 is probably the best site to download music, but they are having some legal problems with the major music labels. It is, in fact, one of the top music download sites today. The reasons are several:

  • It is very easy to use: copy and paste the link of the song and get it downloaded.
  • No viruses or misleading things on your page.
  • It is very fast.
  • It’s free.

We hope they don’t eliminate it because it is very useful to get any type of video already converted to audio format – no matter if it is music with rights or without rights, you can download everything.

Undoubtedly, one of those webs that should have saved in bookmarks or favorites if you can’t live without your favorite songs.

convert youtube videos to mp3

Official Website

Do you want to download music and videos for free at the same time?

Sometimes, we are not only willing to get free music online or offline, but we also demand the video. Either because we want to keep that funny video in our PC or because it is a documentary, a report, a humor video or a personal one, the truth is that downloading audios and videos from Youtube is quite simple. If you know how, of course.

Tubemate, one of the most popular apps to download music from YouTube (and videos, of course)

TubeMate is one of the best-known platforms for downloading music and / or videos online for free. For this reason, there are many false apps pretending to be the official one. They even appear on Google Play! So, to make sure they don’t fool you, we leave you with the only official TubeMate link – which by the way, no, it’s not on Google Play.

The application lets you download the best YouTube videos on Smartphone, Tablet or PC, and we can choose the resolution that we want. Oh, and you can also choose to download only the audio of the videos – something great for our mp3.

It is possible to download videos in HD, and it does not only work with YouTube, but you can get videos from Dailymotion, Youku (the Chinese YouTube) or Facebook. The option to download only with Wi-Fi will save us the waste of mobile data.

an alternative to spotify premium

Official Website

Save-from, download free music to mp3 in an easy way

Save-From is very similar to the web mentioned above, YouTube-Mp3. However, Save-From has certain advantages over the other, such as the possibility to download the video that we want, not just the audio – although, of course, you can download it in mp3 if you want.

You can do it from its official website (we leave it here below) or install the extension of SaveFrom for Google Chrome, depends on what is most comfortable for you. The app lets you download videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Smotri, Dailymotion, Facebook, SoundCloud or VK, among many other platforms.

Copy the link, paste it in the box, choose your format and resolution, and you have it. Just like that.

download youtube videos

Official Website

Dolphin Browser 2018, free online download music and video

Last but not least, we dedicate a small space to Dolphin browser, an app to surf the internet from mobile devices. Unlike other browsers, Dolphin is useful for FREE music and video downloads.

Once we have the app installed on Android or iOS, we need to access to the video we want to download and, next to it, there will be download button for Dolphin – if not, you can check the adjustments.

Remember to navigate with Dolphin, not with another browser, otherwise the option to download the video will not appear. It is one of the easiest and guaranteed options to have music and videos for free on your phone.

It works with YouTube and many other video websites, and it allows to download in high quality direct to the SD card.

2018 browser for android and ios

Get it on Google Play

Available on the App Store

And you, do you prefer to listen free music online without download or do you download music on mp3 to listen to it afterwards? Have you ever tried one of these apps or sites for downloading songs? We want to hear from you!

Always remember to abide by the laws of download and intellectual property of your country, we are not responsible for anything!

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