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Free song downloads for Android phones and iOS devices

Don’t miss this amazing list of the best apps to download songs on your smartphone. Check out our TOP 5!

Downloading songs to your computer is relatively easy, but when it comes to finding an app to download music to your mobile phone, things can get complicated.

  • First of all, because there are many malicious apps that install viruses and malware.
  • Secondly, there are many apps that don’t really work and they misuse the name of “download” “mp3” or “downloader” to have more downloads on Google Play or iTunes.
  • And last but not least, many of the best apps to download music are not on these application stores. This is because downloading songs is not legal unless you download songs that you have previously bought.

In any case, we have worked very hard on this topic and today we bring you four applications to download songs for free on Android and iOS.

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Where to get free music downloads?

Tiny Tunes

This is one of those downloader apps that are free, with no virus and that perfectly work on our phones. Unfortunately, we can’t find it officially on Google Play. But don’t worry, we know that downloading songs is important to you and we provide you right here the download link in UpToDown, a famous website for downloading free music apps for Android -and much more.

TinyTunes plays songs in streaming, so you will need an Internet connection for using the application. In its database, we find millions of songs and themes to listen to-quality and perfection are two words that accurately describe this app. If you want to download free music to mp3, just click on download. Easy and uncomplicated.

Enjoy your facvorite artists without the Internet whenever and wherever you want. Download the fashionable songs or the classics that marked your life.

free online download music tiny tunes


MusicManiac is one of the best-rated apps as far as music free download online is concerned. In addition, it is totally legal because its database allows you to search among thousands of songs with Creative Commons license. It’s perfect for finding royalty-free songs for your movies or shorts.

Also, the free downloader Android app has information about the artist, song, and album. This allows you to find what you are looking for easily, quickly and very effectively. It has no damaged links; the song database is updated very often and you can save the songs to your SD card or internal memory of the phone.

It’s an app for downloading free songs on Android that will not leave you indifferent. Try it and you won’t regret it!

musicmaniac android application

Free MP3 Downloads

With this so original name we bring you one of those good apps to get soundtracks and much more for Android. Right here we leave you the link to Google Play because if you dare to put “Free MP3 Downloads” on Google, you’re going to get dizzy and crazy.

This application allows you to search, get and listen to songs for free. Like the previous one, this app is used to find songs for short films and movies in which we have no budget to pay the rights of use for.

It has three buttons: “Download”, “Listen” and “Search”. It’s the only thing you need to get songs that you like. Downloaded files is directly stored on our SD card, thus saving space in the phone’s internal memory. In order to listen to downloaded songs you just need to go directly to the folder, or you can open your usual player.

The application is completely in English, but you can also choose German, Russian or Lithuanian. The database of this application comes from the well-known website of Jamendo (probably the best site to download music), which means that the use and download of the songs is for non-commercial purposes.

Don’t expect to find the latest hits from Beyonce or Pitbull, since the songs offered here have been provided free of charge by their authors.

where can i download free music for my phone

Media Cloud Free

Media Cloud Free is much more than an app to download music on iPad or iPhone, it is also perfectly synchronizable with Dropbox, Drive, Box, OneDrive and Media Fire and it works as a video player . One of the best applications for downloading audio on iOS.

You can save a lot of space in the memory of the mobile and the SD card since the files are stored directly in the cloud. You choose the cloud service that you prefer.

It’s the perfect app to transfer audio files to the cloud, especially if we’re one of those people who have an immense library. Everyone likes to enjoy their favorite songs, so let’s do it without limits!

And not only it is useful to transfer songs to the cloud, but thanks to Media Cloud you can listen to your artists without an Internet connection. The app allows you to have entire albums or song by song, so you can listen to any song offline: anywhere, anytime. Its offline mode is the feature that sets it apart from other musical apps.

The app supports aiff, mp4, mp3, aac, m4a, mov, caf, avi and ffmegg formats. Likewise, you can make a list of favorite songs and, in the case of audiobooks, you can control the speed of the narrator and mark where you are left to resume later.

free iphone media cloud

Rocky My Run

If you are an athlete – amateur or professional – RockyRun is going to become a partner of fatigue. The application allows you to get any audio and promises to improve your motivation by up to 35%, which is no small feat. And how is it going to do this? By allowing you to listen to the best trackswhen you go out for running.

You can choose from existing playlists, with remixes from great DJs like David Guetta or Afrojack, for example. Thanks to this application, you will not occupy space on the SD card or the internal memory of the mobile, since you can listen to the songs without needing (although always with the possibility) to download them.

More than 1000 remixes to go out to do sport, are you going to miss them?

rock my run free apk


We hope that with these free music download programs for iPhone and Android you can enjoy your favorite songs wherever you want, even without having an Internet connection. Because we all love songs, but not everyone can afford to buy it. Or simply because we want a digital copy of the album we just bought. There are thousands of reasons why we want to download audios on our phones. Whatever it is, there are applications of all kinds.

Do you know any other free musical app downloader?


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