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top video apps for editing videos

Video editing for iPhone and Android: best apps!

If you are looking for the best apps for edit videos on your smartphone or tablet, check out our top list.

If you want to learn how to edit videos on iPhone, or maybe you need a video editor for Android, you are going to find many apps to make cool video edits on your phone, that’s for sure. Most of the will promise you that they are the best Android video editor of all times, or even that they can do magic.

Whatever. We have selected the 4 best video making apps for iPhone and Android. You can’t miss them!

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Apps for edit videos you should already be using


iMovie is one of those editing apps for iPhone, Mac or iPad that you need to download right away. It is one of the most popular on the App Store, even the fact that it is not free.

Thanks to its amazing design and the multitouch options, it is very easy to edit and make videos on your smartphone, tablet or computer -as long as they use iOS. You can edit video on iPhone almost automatically thanks to the templates, filters and presets, but it also improves your creativity.

This app allows you to create trailers, astonishing videos, and high-definition movies. You can even make your own soundtrack! Turn your best moments into Hollywood blockbusters with this professional but easy video editor app.

imovie video editor iphone


Just like a magic wand, Magisto apps allows you to modify videos and automatically create movies. You don’t need to worry about having or not having knowledge in any video editor tool.

This amazing movie maker for iPhone and Android is pretty easy to use: once you add the videos or photos you like, it automatically generates a movie with special effects, music, and filters. In just a few seconds, you’ll have a true film with your own content.

Of course, you can choose the movie title, the soundtrack, as well as the content. Don’t forget that this is one of the best video editing software for Android and iOS, and it will do the hard work for you. Later, you will be able to share the results with your family and friends!

There is also an incredible feature within the app: face-recognition software that detects who is more relevant in the video. You can do great birthday presents!

top ten video editing apps


When we talk about video editing, we can’t deny the fact that Apple has the best-designed apps. Procamera is another (not free) iPhone movie maker that will allow you to make professional videos on your phone.

It is very easy and fast to use. Also, it is not only a video app, but also a photo application, and it claims that Procamera is going to be the next generation of smartphone photography and video recording.

The renovated interface is powerful and very intuitive, and it makes it possible to take wonderful HDR pictures and control exposure and focus with just a finger slide on the screen. It is like having an HDSRL camera in your hands because you can also control obturation, speed or ISO, among other things.

Filters, corrections, cuttings or professional tools are just some of its strengths. Do you dare to discover the rest?

ios apps for making videos

8mm Vintage Camera

This app was created for the movie “Searching for Sugar Man”, by Malik Bendjelloul -which won the 2012 Oscar award for best documentary.  Are you ready for this professional video editing app for iPhone?

This is a cheaper option (but not completely free) that you can find on the movie maker section on the App Store. It represents the most vintage, retro, unique, versatile, and easy-to-use camera for iOS devices.

Through its features, you’ll be able to record and capture the beauty and magic of old recordings, a.k.a old school. The video app supports 720p recording with real-time effects. Also, it has seven different objectives, among which we find Super 8, Classic, Spotlight or Color Fringing, among others. In addition, you can apply up to 10 old filters, whether 1920, 60’s, 70’s, Xpro or Black Cinema.

It comes with two free themes to apply to your videos: the elegant and the minimalist. You can always purchase others within the same app.

edit videos on ipad

As you can see, most apps to edit videos are from Apple. Enjoy like a real professional turning your personal and family videos into Hollywood movies. And now it’s your time to talk: do you recommend some other mobile applications to edit videos?


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