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Facebook Store App: which one should I choose?

Facebook is probably the most famous social media nowadays. Even that Instagram is now one of the hardest competitors, Zuckerberg still has his moves. There are many extra apps for Facebook Android and iOS, as anyone can create a app for Facebook.

These amazing apps make your daily life easier. For example, there is a calendar app for Facebook business page, a contest app for FB free, online games, discounts and promotions, and much more.

Check out how to take advantage of the use of social media with these apps for Facebook. Make the difference.

download facebook mobile app

5 apps for Facebook you shouldn’t miss

Opinion Polls: an application for surveys

Using this FB app is pretty easy: you just need to fill the questions and possible answers of your desired poll. That’s it. The application does everything else automatically.

You can add images in the answers. For example, when you want to ask your customers or fans which is their favorite album cover, or the best movie poster. Of course, you’ll be able to see the total votes of the participants.

At the same time, you are able to check the percentages of the chosen answers and share them on Youtube, Google +, Gmail, LinkedIn, Twitter and up to 300 different apps. You may use the free version that includes everything mentioned above.

If you want to skip ads, hide results, allow comments or vote anonymously, you need to pay 19€ per month or 99€ a year.

facebook manager app for polls

Download on the Facebook App Store

Easy promos: promote your business page with this app!

Easypromos, as its name says, is an application to create promotions or discounts on Facebook for your customers. We can also use this app on Twitter or other social media platforms, as well as any website.

It can be used from any mobile device (iPad, iPhone or Android, PC…) and it is not only for promotions, but it also works as a contest app for Facebook free, and you can create surveys as well. The perfect app to for Facebook business page!

Easypromos I a great tool to get more feedback from your target… and isn’t that what we look for in social media? You have three versions: basic (15€ per promotion), Premium (100€ per promo) and White Label (250€ per promotion).

facebook download mobile free app easypromos

Download on the official website

Livestream, live broadcasting on FB

Livestream app has become one of the most popular apps for FB, as it allows you to interact very dynamically with your fans and/or followers. The platform lets you broadcast anything you can imagine: a review, an explanation, a conference/talk, an opinion…

Simultaneously, you can chat live with your viewers, a parallel service to the broadcasting. If you want to make live videos on FB, this is the application you were looking for. And it’s free!

live stream fb live

Download on the Facebook App Store

Contact Me, a contact form app for your FB business page

The developers affirm that this app is perfect to make your business page grow, as it allows you to organize it in the best way possible. ContactMe is going to save you a lot of time and many problems.

In small businesses, we don’t always have money to hire a secretary. We are the ones doing everything: we pick up the phone, we take notes, we write an agenda, we put alarms on our smartphones, we create receipts in Excel… and the list goes on and on.

To have everything in order, ContactMe offers you the possibility of collecting all the information of your contacts and let you know what you need to do: a meeting, a call, a payment, a charge, whatever. You can create a tab with the contact form on your FB business page so your contacts can easily talk to you.

contactme form fb

Download it on the official website

Selective Twitter: publish your tweets on your FB business (or personal) page

If you are a social media addict, this is your application. With Selective Twitter, you can publish your most interesting tweets automatically on your FB page. But only when you want to.

It couldn’t be easier to use: you just need to install the app and end your desired tweet with #fb when you want it on your wall. Nothing else.

So, if you want to post the latest news or your opinion about last night’s concert, this is your application.

selective twitter app for android

Download on the Facebook App Store

We hope that with these applications for FB you make the most of the most addictive and popular social platform. There are many apps that can be downloaded from the official app store Facebook: we have given you five, but you can tell us which one you like the most.


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