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Which is the best free phone flashlight app?

Check out these list with the best torch light apps for Android and iOS. Also, we explain you the advantages and dangers of these applications…

We all use the bright screen of our mobile phones to illuminate when it’s very dark. It doesn’t matter if it’s because you are coming back from a party and you don’t want to wake up anyone or because something has fallen under the couch.

The truth is that, sometimes, the light of the screen is not enough. Therefore, there are a number of flashlight apps that use the mobile flash to illuminate that will make our lives easier. Today we bring you the best app for flashlight, both for Android end iOS devices.

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Cell phone light app: all you need to know before downloading one of them

Main uses of a flashlight app on phone

  • Illuminate a road at night: it is especially useful if you are in a mountain or a forest.
  • Read a book in the dark without disturbing anyone with the general light.
  • Lighten the environment if the light suddenly goes out at home.
  • Help when it comes to fixing the engine of a car.
  • Take a look at sleeping children without waking them up.
  • Give us visibility if we have to walk by road at night in case of breakdown.
  • Find things under furniture, such as the sofa, or appliances such as the refrigerator.

Are led flashlight torch apps a form of harmful spyware?

It has been widely heard that a flashlight application is the most common way to steal data and introduce malicious content into our smartphones. But, to what extent is it true?

The truth is that there are very simple apps that ask for a huge amount of permissions that have no justification. Why does this app for watching free movies need access to my contacts? Why does a finance application need access to camera and microphone? We must be cautious and know well what we are downloading and installing on our cellphones.

Despite the rumors, it is not true that flashlight apps are more likely to put viruses or steal information from your phone. That can be done from any type of application, regardless of its purpose. It could be a game, a dog app, a music app … whatever.

Best flashlight torch download for Android and iPhone

Super Bright LED Flashlight

Without a doubt, the Super Bright LED Flashlight from Android is one of the most popular in this category. However, the app asks for too many permissions that we believe are not needed, but as an illuminator it works great.

It can be turned on and off as if it was a real light, and it has stroboscopic, intermittent and maintained or constant modes. The frequency of the flashing light can be adjusted.

One of the best designed for Android, and the most downloaded.

cell phone light app


Flash is another Android application that becomes an essential tool for our everyday lives. It is easy to manage, and like all these flashlight apps, it uses the phone camera back flash – with a single touch of finger it turns on and off.

It has several interesting options:

  • Constant illumination in the dark.
  • Light with color screen (you can choose).
  • Morse code of lights to ask for help.
  • Map and compass (which makes it a good app for travelers)

led torchlight

LED HD Flashlight

We like LED HD Flashlight particularly because, in addition to being free, it serves both iOS and Android. You can get instant lighting just by touching the screen -so easy!

Another point in its favor is that it works on devices that usually reject other light apps, such as LG Optimus Black, Samsung Galaxy Nexus or Motorola RAZR, among others. It has several interesting functions:

  • Simple and constant light.
  • You can choose white flash light or color screen.

flashlight keychain app

Asus Flashlight

If you have an Asus mobile phone, you’re lucky, as you have a tool to illuminate everything completely adapted to you. Of course, it is Android, and moreover, free. We like it for its simplicity and its efficiency when giving light.

  • It has a very simple and easy to manage/understand user interface.
  • There are two light sources: the rear flash (LED) and the light of the Asus display itself.
  • It has three modes of illumination: intermittent flashing (with 3 different frequencies), constant or Morse code (SOS) mode.
  • Display light and frequency are adjustable.
  • It is very fast.
  • It consumes a lot of battery.

flashlight app for cell phone


Almost all the good flashlight applications we have found are available for Android (Will the reason be because of the spyware we discussed at the beginning of this article?). However, Flashlight Ⓞ  is exclusive to Apple and works for iPod, iPad and iPhone.

  • It contains a small map in the same application – another ideal for traveling.
  • You can adjust the brightness of the LED to your liking.
  • It has a compass, which will help you to walk in the dark.
  • It perfectly works with the large screen of the iPhone 5.
  • Distress signal can be issued in Morse code of lights (SOS).
  • Strobe mode with 10 different frequencies.
  • It is very fast.
  • Its design is very elegant.

flashlight app for my phone


We hope that with these applications you illuminate better in the dark. Can you think of any other app for flashlight? What do you think about the amount of permissions that some applications ask for? Tell us what you think about in the comments!

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