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Top Songs App for Android and iOS

Check out this list of the best applications for music of all times. You won’t regret it!

We have previously talked about many applications for music of all kinds, such as apps to download music, applications to identify songs or even better: free music downloaders. You can also use your phone to learn how to play the guitar or the piano, for instance.

The world of music gives us an immense range of possibilities and different musical applications that are going to make us enjoy each sound. Today we bring you a small mix: our top 5 apps for music that you shouldn’t miss.

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5 good apps for free music


Knowing what song is playing on the radio at a specific time is already possible thanks to Shazam. And yes, we know there are other apps to identify songs that do the same things or even with better features (there is an app that recognizes songs by humming). But we like Shazam.

More than 100 million users already use this application to recognize songs on Android and iOS, a figure that certainly endorses it as one of the best music apps on the market. It has many new features, since apart from recognizing songs you can see lyrics, discography and biography of the group or artist, you can follow musicians and see what they shazam, for example.

Many of the songs link to their corresponding Youtube music video. In addition, you can see the most listened songs by city, country or worldwide. The app can be run from the various smart watches of Apple and Android.

best android free music app

TuneIn Radio

Thanks to TuneIn radio we will be able to listen to radio in our smartphone for free and without complications. In this radio app you will find the most-known AM and FM tunes and many more that you have yet to discover.

The app contains 100 thousand radio stations among which we can find not only music, but sports, news, podcasts, shows, internet radio and much more. You can sync the TuneIn app with Chromecast and Android Wear devices.

good free music apps for android

Magic Piano

A fun and entertaining game and app to learn how to play the piano on your mobile phone. With one, two, three and up to four fingers at a time you’ll have to play all sorts of songs. The music app has several genres to choose from, from Bruno Mars or One Republic to Scorpions or classic Mozart melodies. It also has R & B, film or country songs. Music for all tastes!

Just go overcoming levels, gaining points and unlocking new songs. Some of the themes are not free, but you can enjoy the music without paying any cent for quite some time and with different options to go up unpaid levels.

A fun game that will entertain you from minute one.

what is the best free music app for iphone

Music Volume EQ

Music Volume EQ is an application to improve the volume of your Android. It’s a volume controller, the equalizer for Android you were looking for.

The app has five different equalizers so you can choose the one that suits you best. The experience when listening to music on your smartphone will no longer be the same after installing this fantastic application.

It should be noted that it is not a music player, but will automatically be integrated into the music player of our device. We can regulate the sound and the audios from our own player.

music app on iphone

4shared Music

And in our list of the best music applications could not miss an app to download music free on Android (iPhone has a little more restrictions on it).

4shared Music will allow you to enjoy your favorite music at all times. The app allows you to access and download free music on your phone. With your search engine, you can access your audio library with lists of songs and artists. Search, save to favorites and download them so you can listen to them again when you do not have an Internet connection.

Its use is very easy, turning it into one of the most useful musical apps of the moment.

what's the best music app for iphone


We hope you enjoy your favorite songs through these five musical applications. Each has its purpose and a different utility from the others. It is best to combine these fantastic music apps to enjoy a complete experience. Tell us what musical applications you are using!

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