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how do you hide an app on your iphone

Android and iPhone: hide apps like a magician!

Avoid having your mobile phone spied on and lock your applications. Whether your phone falls into the hands of a thief or you have some gossip too close, or you simply want to block for children, there will always be programs available to you.

Stop others from spying your phone and put a lock on your apps with a good app hider. It doesn’t matter if your cell phone has been stolen or if you have many gossip people around you: there will always be great app to hide apps on iPhone and android devices.

There are many ways to protect your security: restricted access to some data, picture blocker or app hiders. Discover here how to hide apps from home screen and much more.

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How do you hide an app on iPhone and Android?


With this application, you can block Whatsapp, Facebook, Gmail, SMS, Gallery, calls … any app that is installed on your mobile device. Everything you want to hide (for example, images will disappear from the gallery) is done under a password.

You can activate automatic locking after a time or at a certain position, and also hide the AppLock icon (and remove it from the application menu). The app can’t be killed by App Killers (application managers).

It uses little memory and little battery! The perfect app to increase the privacy of your mobile phone.

app to hide phone number

Perfect AppLock

This app has now all the options that formerly were active only the PRO version, available to everyone. The free version no longer has any limitations. The only difference is that the paid locker has no ads.

Like the previous one, it is an app hider with password: you can hide texts, mail, Twitter, Skype, Camera, Calendar … whatever you want.

The app supports screen filters, rotation locking, USB locking as well as lock patterns. In case you have several launchers installed, you have to choose one of them by default.

hide icon app

Smart AppLock

This is one of the most downloaded applications to hide apps: 20 million users and it has been translated into 31 different languages.

This app is also an application protector through numeric password, gesture or lock pattern. Any app can be hidden by Smart AppLock. You can put individual passwords in each app, for extra security.

If someone picks up your phone and introduces an incorrect unlock, the app takes a picture with the front camera and sends it to you by e-mail. You can now hunt the thief or the gossip! And it also is prevented from being uninstalled.

Very useful, simple, effective and complete!

how can you hide apps on android

Secret Apps Lite

When it comes to iPhone or iPad, the issue of finding an app that hides applications is complicated. Secret Apps Lite, despite its name, is a data lock app for all apps on iPad and iPhone. You can protect with a secret password any type of data hosted on your Apple device: photos, contacts, browsing history, videos, texts, notes, etc.

You can customize it to take a photo and locate the exact position when someone tries to access and fails to put the password.

Stop others from spying on you!

how do you hide an app on your iphone


So far, we haven’t talked about this issue. Apple is very restrictive when installing certain apps on your iOS devices, but if you do a Jailbreak – something totally legal – you can unlock them. Also, take a look at these free iPad apps (it never hurts)

Once the jailbreak is done you can install extra features that you could not previously install. Also, you don’t lose the warranty because the process is completely reversible (all you have to do is restore the process through iTunes).

These “apps” outside of the Apple Store that you can install on your unlocked iOS are called tweaks.

Well, given the difficulty of finding an app in the Apple Store to hide apps, we bring you one of these tweaks, designed to block applications on iPad and iPhone just like the above mentioned for Android.

find hidden apps iphone


LockDown is a hider app similar to the previous ones that will allow us to block those apps that can put our privacy and security in the public domain.

This is an app that allows us to securely block what we want on our phone, even offering us a private gallery where we can save our most intimate photos. Who cares what you have on your mobile? Keep it safe with one of the most recognized apps in this field.

You can customize it to the maximum (it has its own themes) and the options to hide and to encrypt are several, so that you can choose the one that is best for you. Don’t let them spy on you!

hide apps download


As you can see, there are multiple apps to block apps, although we have seen that in Android they much easier to be found than in iOS. Now you can avoid gossip people to look to your screen or you can stop your son to dismount the whole configuration by wanting to play with the phone. Increase your security and privacy with these apps, and tell us your experiences on this issue!


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