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TOP App to Identify Songs with your Smartphone

Today we give you the best music recognizers for Android and iOS. Humming songs, catchy tunes…everything is recognizable with your smartphone!

You are at the pub and suddenly you listen to the summer hit but you don’t know the name. You are listening to the radio and they put advertisements just when they are going to say the name of that catchy song. This happens. A lot. Identifying music and knowing the name of songs is at your fingertips. We bring you a great selection of app to identify songs: don’t miss them!

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6 app to identify music on Android and iOS

What is Shazam App?

Shazam is the most famous, downloaded and popular application to identify any song. More than 100 million people use it to recognize songs that are played anywhere. When the song that you want to know sounds, just press the app widget on the phone screen and it will automatically identify it.

Besides working as an app to identify songs, you will get the news and info of previously identified artists. Also, you can see what your favorite artists have “shazamed” with just one click.

When identifying a musical theme, the same app will show you the official YouTube video and lyrics. You can also see the most shazamed songs by country or city. Discover the hits of this year!

You can instantly know what Pitbull’s last song is when it rings on your favorite radio!

detect any song with shazam

Soundhound Music Search

Discover the songs that sound around you with this fantastic music listener finder. With its eye-catching orange color, the app allows you to identify any song that you hear, sing, or even hum. Yes, that’s right: the app identifies humming songs!

This is one of the main reasons why, together with Shazam, they are at the top of our list of musical identification apps, because both are of great quality and we strongly recommend them. Soundhound also allows you to access to biographies and discographies of bands, and you can listen to the complete songs with their lyrics as well.

It is also an app for watching free musical videos. You can also search for the best videos that other users have identified (just like songs) with their own map. You can also listen to the best playlists of different genres.

song detector online soundhound

Track ID Music Recognition

Track ID is an Android application self-declared as the best way to identify music that sounds around you. Simply press the application button and in a few seconds, you will have a complete information of what is being played.

Not only can you recognize the song title and the artist name, but you can explore their biographies and discographies, their videoclips, see the best playlists of the app and much more. In addition, you can share everything with your friends through Facebook or Snapchat.

The app allows you to download songs to listen to without Internet access later, or directly play them with Spotify. Thanks to its “offline” mode you can record an offline song and identify it when you have Wi-Fi access again or mobile data.

identify themes on radio

Music Identification

M-Identification works through the Gracenote API, which shows the link of the song detected together with the original video and the possibility of sharing it on social networks, such as Twitter.

The Gracenote database has 130 million songs, and the daily number of searches is 800 million, meaning it is one of the most used to find songs you don’t know. What differentiates this app from the other apps that also identify songs is that Music Identification generates a web link with the information instead of displaying the information on the application screen.

The app allows you to search for lyrics, search on Google, look for Top lists, discover similar songs, or read the related Wikipedia article. It is fully optimized for mobile and tablets and works very quickly, although its interface is more chaotic and less attractive than others.

free music identification

Music ID

MusicID is the iPhone, iPad, and Android app to recognize songs and identify the tunes that sounds around you, no matter where you are.

Among its main features, it has the option to create “Memories” and leave notes in the songs, such as moments or people the theme reminds you of, for example.

The app is used to download songs with iTunes, to see the pages of the artists with all their information (photos, biography, releases, new songs …), watch Youtube videos and many other things like finding similar artists, an Advanced search or the possibility to add information for the rest of the users.

hum a tune and find the song

Music Recognizer Identify Song

While we like the first two apps of this list (Shazam and SoundHound), it is possible that for some reason they don’t work on your device or you don’t have enough space. Therefore, knowing that nothing is perfect, we bring you an alternative, notably smaller, but hey, less is nothing.

It is fairly basic in terms of functions, it fulfills what it promises and that should be enough.

That is, it serves as an identifier of songs that sound on the radio and whose name you don’t know. It will help you to increase your musical repertoire, as it also includes information about the artist and the album. Try it!

song finder by music


Now you just need the phone or tablet to identify the songs that sound at any time. In these apps, you can save your favorite songs to listen to them later. Don’t miss out any of them! And as always, now we ask: do you know any other application to identify a song? Can you recognize a song by humming?

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