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best instagram apps for business
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Instagram CLM apps that you need to know

If you want to make the most of your Instagram account (business or personal one) check out our list of best applications for this social media app.

This is the most popular social media at the moment, there’s no doubt about it. It is an application that mixes photography and social media in a way that makes it unique and exclusive. It is very easy to use, as you just need to upload the pictures directly from the app.

The filters are awesome and we can even follow our favorite singer, actor/actress o whoever we want. Everything is told through videos and photos, and it is pretty fun. You can leave comments, control your privacy settings, be followed… Definitely, many people have left Facebook aside to expand their world on Instagram.

Are you one of them? If so, we bring you today the best apps for Instagram: those that are going to complement the original application. Make the most of it!

Latest Instagram app you should download right now


You are able to make your photos even more beautiful by just adding some text to them. An Android and iOS app that gives you the chance to write on pics and upload them directly to your Instagram account.

Sometimes, an image is not enough and we want to add a quote or a word that has been relevant in that moment, either funny or inspirational. Share what you think!

This is one of the best photo editor Instagram, as it offers more than 19 different designs to choose the one that suits you the most. Besides, you don’t need to use a picture of your gallery, but you can choose one of the amazing backgrounds on the same app.

You may combine different typos, as well as font sizes, position, alignment, and many other settings. By the way, you have a range of 50 different kinds of fonts to choose. What are you waiting for?

instagram preview app


There was a huge change when Instagram allowed posting videos on Instagram: everything started to move! There was a revolution, and their developers know it well: adapt or die.

This is why there are so many video editing apps, like Instashot.  With this app, we are able to do a good Instagram video editing before we post anything. You can cut or erase parts of the video that you don’t like, but you can also add effects (such as Blur), put a color frame, or move the whole video within the frame.

You can also add music to your videos, as well as edit the volume and synchronization. You will post the perfect video! It is compatible with 1080p and you can also add text and emojis. Probably the best video editor app for Instagram.

photos for instagram

Tiny Planet

The effect of creating a mini planet with your own pictures is one of the funniest on Google Play. And if you don’t believe us, check it by yourself: among all the apps with good filters, this one is in our top 5. So original!

You can use urban landscape or photos of the countryside or your dog walking on the beach, whatever you want. Moreover, it is very easy to use… so easy that you won’t believe what you have created once you apply the miniature filter. Guaranteed!

Possibly this is not one of those Instagram apps for business, but you need a rest sometimes!

tiny planet free


The previous app was exclusive to Android, and now it’s time to bring one for iPhone users –as well as iPad or iPod Touch. We are not talking about a funny and original filter anymore, but we like it a lot. Facetune is an app for selfies and photo editing: because we all like to look good on pics, but not all of us can do it naturally!

This app for Instagram is number one in more than 127 countries: there must be a reason, right? The level of this Instagram photo application is similar to Photoshop CS, the program that magazines use to publish their models’ pictures.

However, this is easier to use. Facetune can fix your smile, your teeth, your eyes, your skin, your hair, your facial structure, your make-up, and much more. There are also effects and regular adjustments of the photo. Share your beauty!

facetune 2 free apk

So far, these are some of the Instagram 3rd party apps you should know. Have you used any of them? Would you recommend any other good apps for editing pictures?

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