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Best apps for ipad
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The best free iPad apps: the new, the amazing and the awesome

This device has undoubtedly been the greatest best-seller of Apple. Currently, the best-selling devices of the branch are the Air2 and Mini 3, but there are plenty of different models in the market, as well as a lot of software for iPad. This success has led to the high development of iPad software and awesome apps for iPad which have been an achievement for the developers. The best apps for i pad have almost always been adapted from an iPhone app. Thanks to the resolution, the screen size and the features of this iOS device we have now new iPad apps that delight all kind of users.

Here’s our selection of the best apps for iPad that you can’t miss.

Best apps for ipad

The 5 Coolest Apps for iPad

Whatsapp: best contact app ever

With Whatsapp, you are able to speak for free with whoever you want and whenever you want to. This app has been a revolutionary mobile application in many countries and it has become the most downloaded and used app to send messages for free and to do free calls in many countries. Whatsapp for iPad has won other instant messaging apps such as Wechat, Telegram or LINE, among others.

Now, thanks to its developers we can download on of the most amazing iPad apps and we will enjoy in our Apple tablet all the characteristics and functionalities of this mobile application. Talking with our friends and family for free through the big iPad screen is going to make it easier. In addition, you can see pictures, videos, and messages more comfortably.

However, if we go to the official App Store we can see that Whatsapp is only available for iPhone. Here’s how to install Whatsapp for iPad without Jailbreak in just two steps:

  • Go to the desktop version of through your browser.
  • Scan the QR code that appears on the screen with your iPhone or the mobile phone where you had your previous Whatsapp installed. To do this, go to Adjustments / Whatsapp Web. In this way, we synchronize our conversations.

This is a bit limited for the moment because in order to use Whatsapp in Apple’s most famous tablet we need to have the original Whatsapp already open in another mobile device. But time to time, this may change soon.

how to install whatsapp in an i pad

Download on the App Store

Facebook: connect with everyone!

The most famous social network needs no presentation. Few are those who do not have a profile in Facebook and it has become more than just a way to communicate and send messages for free to our friends and family. With Facebook you are able to keep in touch with old school friends, relatives that live far away or work colleagues.

Facebook for iPad allows you to use one of the best iPad apps quickly, easily and visually, even better than with a computer or your cell phone. The application is totally adapted to the device, making everything more intuitive and accessible to the user.

You will receive notifications every time your contacts update their status, comment your pictures, like a post or whenever you are tagged, as well as when you receive a private message. You can send free SMS, play games for free and participate in groups and pages. Enjoy one of the top 10 iPad apps!

Download FB for tablets

Download on the App Store

Manual: an awesome photo customizer

This is definitely not of the most popular apps for iPad, but we love it because it is a great one when we talk about photography and mobile devices. Even the New York Times said that “if you like to adjust your camera options, you’re gonna love Manual”. This mobile application is almost a professional camera that gives you full control of the photography.

It is very easy and fast to adjust all the camera options and personalize your photo. You take full control, but with no complications. You can choose the shooting, the ISO, the white balance, the focus and the exposition. Just like a professional!

In addition, this photo application has special features, like putting automatic live values (and also a histogram), focal zoom, pictures automatically saved to the gallery, flash, timed shot, themes and EXIF data viewer, among other things.

You cannot miss one of the best new iPad apps!

Best photo App for iOS

Download on the App Store

Youtube: best iPad app to watch videos for free

The same that happens to Facebook when talking about social media or contact apps, Youtube needs no explanation. We are facing one of the iPad apps for free that every user should have from the very beginning of the purchase. Thanks to this video platform, you would be able to watch high-quality videos of any kind.

In Youtube you can find videos of all kinds, comfortably organized by categories, playlists, featured videos, movies, documentaries, viral videos, funny videos, greeting videos, homemade, music… anything that you want (and more) is on Youtube.

With our Apple tablet, we can watch all this audiovisual material for free. Thanks to the screen we can watch videos very comfortably, whether we are on the bus, on the train or in bed. It is better than watching videos on your smartphone!

You can subscribe to Youtube channels, mark videos as favorites, check out which have you already seen thanks to the history, share content in other places and much more. Watching movies, series and everything has never been so easy before!

Youtube app store

Download on the App Store

Candy Crush Saga: a free game for your entertainment

Candy Crush Saga has not only been one of the top iPad apps, but it has also been a huge success on other platforms and devices. Who has not received a Candy Crush invitation through Facebook?

Candy Crush Saga tells us the story of Tiffi and Mister Toffee, who travel through the magical lands of Candy Kingdom. A free game of adventures and puzzle-type that will make you a total addict.

Collect sweets, pick up sugar, fins surprises, finish the adventures, achieve challenges, and reach hundreds of different levels. Play against your friends with one of the top free apps for iPad.

Download Candy Crush Saga in the link below and check out what is that engages people so much.

candy crush jelly

Download on the App Store

So far, this is our list of best apps for iPad, specially selected for you. With these mobile applications, you can make the most of your Apple tablet. And, of course, we know that there are many other apps for this device in many fields: photography, video, business, tools, games, entertainment and more. This is why we aim you to share your knowledge and tell us which free iPad apps you like the most. We wait for you in the comments below!

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