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Best kids games: iPad, iPhone, Android and much more

Let them enjoy and learn with the best kids app on Android and iOS (iPad and iPhone). Make the most of the new tecnologies!

Many years ago, children used to be born with a  silver spoon in their mouths. But nowadays, they come together with a tablet or a smartphone. The little ones are born and grow surrounded by screens, mobile phones, computers, and Internet. It’s part of their culture, it’s their daily life.

The parental concern is normal. As everything in this world, if you don’t make a good use of something, it can be counterproductive, addictive, and even dangerous. However, there is no need to be negative, we just need to find good game apps for kids so they can learn and enjoy at the same time.

There are many educational children’s apps that may become the perfect complement to their education.

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Best apps for children!

Owlie Boo 1

The developers of this fun app for toddlers want to promote the responsible used of new technologies among children, and at the same time, stimulate them and teach them traditional games.

With this preschool app, kids from 2 years old to 6 years old learn while playing, far away from competitiveness: they don’t win or lose, they get through the levels depending on their maturity.

You can try the free version of this interactive application for children -Owlie Boo Little Animals-, in which boys and girls can learn the names and sounds of animals. For just 0,99$ on Google Play and the App Store, you can buy Owlie Boo 1 (Little Animals, Jungle, Jumps, and Egg), where kids will learn more things about the animal world.

preschoolers applications

Talking Pocoyo

Pocoyo is just as curious as your own children. And, like every curious child, he is discovering the world. With this app for babies and toddlers, Pocoyo will repeat every word you say with a funny voice. You can also tickle him and see him dancing.

Regarding the educational part of the application, little boys and girls learn how to play instruments and they can create their own music and choreographies. In fact, they can be saved in the app so parents can proudly share them on social media. There also a game for kids in which they have to guess the animal (cat, dog, horse, cow, etc) according to Pocoyo’s imitation.

There are different versions of this preschool app:

  • Pocoyo Pic&Sound: to link drawings with sounds.
  • Detective Pocoyo: to learn how to read.
  • Pocoyo TV: to watch episodes from the tv series.
  • Talking Pocoyo Football: just a football-themed game.

There are all Android apps for 5-year-olds, toddlers, babies or whatever, they all love Pocoyo! These free educational apps can be upgraded to the Premium version.

free talking pocoyo download

Let’s Xylophone

Wake up the inner musical talent of your son or daughter and let him/her enjoy and, at the same time, learn how to play the xylophone -an amusing and educative musical instrument. You can download this app for free, as well as 4000 songs to play them on your tablet, iPad or smartphone.

There is a free-play option, where kids can discover other musical instruments, most of them from the percussion family. All the song that you play together can be recorded and downloaded. Such great memories!

Users are delighted with this educational free app for kids. It is only for Android, but for iPad and iPhone users, we recommend you iXylophone lite.

tablet xylophone

Coloring Book

If you are looking for apps for 4-year-olds (Android), this is your app. If at home you have a little Picasso or a young Van Gogh, download Coloring Book App for Android. Here, you will find more than 400 images to paint.

These pictures can be animals, cars, people, planes, and much more. You have hours of entertainment!

It is, in fact, very easy to use, as it is just like a real coloring book -but instead of paper, you have the screen. You can zoom the pic to color the little details, and if the kid makes a mistake, you can undo the last action.

You can share the results on Facebook, via email, Picassa, etc. And, as always, you can buy the Premium version with no advertisements.

ipad coloring book

Educational Games Free

11 traditional games for children, completely free! This is probably one of the best educational games for kids on Google Play and the App Store. It is recommended for ages between 4 years old and 7 years old, but it is also suitable for preschoolers.

Among these 11 kid games for iPad, iPhone, and Android devices, we find the following ones:

  • Animal sounds and names.
  • Puzzle solving.
  • Drawing and creativity.
  • Memory games (with virtual memory cards)
  • Form association and identification.
  • Action-reaction activities and games.
  • Improvement of the special visional with a labyrinth.

And much more. Most of these games are both in Spanish and English, so they can learn a new language while having fun. Remember that childhood is the best time of our lives to learn things!

educational games for free

Youtube Kids

We all remember cartoons from our childhood with tenderness. Most of them are no longer available on regular tv channels, but they remain in our hearts. And, of course, online. Today, boys and girls love Pocoyo, Pokemon or Tara Duncan.

Youtube Kids is a free and simpler version of Youtube. But for kids. If you want to satisfy their endless curiosity, this is the best app for them.  There are 4 categories they can explore: shows, explore, learning, and music.

It is made for little hands and young minds, so navigation is pretty easy. Also, if you want to enjoy the videos all together, you can use Chromecast: fully compatible!

Some examples of videos they can watch are Talking Tom, Thomas&Friends, Super Simple Songs or sports, crafts, and gaming channels. You can redefine what they can or can’t see -as every family has different needs.

youtubekids for ios

Remember that, even that these apps are made for a child, there’s nothing like parental supervision. So, we aim you to be with them while they enjoy and learn. Also, don’t forget to block some important apps -such as financial applications or private messaging- so they don’t mess up everything.

Now, tell us, as parents, how do you feel with all these new technologies around? According to you, which are the best apps for kids?

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