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no wifi music apps for iphone

Best apps to listen to music without WiFi!

Check out this amazing list of free apps to listen to songs without Wi-Fi or Internet connection, nor data usage. Enjoy!

Do you remember the uncomfortable Discman that didn’t fit in your pocket? Or when you need to carry your mp3 player, your cellphone, a camera and a laptop and look like from another planet?

Today, thanks to the advances of mobile applications we can enjoy practically everything in our smartphone, and of course listen to music. The problem arises when we try to listen to our list of favorite songs in certain music applications that only allow us to do it by data usage or connecting our device to Wi-Fi.

TuAppPara team gives you the best apps to listen to music for free without wifi.

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TOP apps to listen to music offline free

Spotify Premium

Who doesn’t know about the existence of Spotify? Over the years, it has improved significantly its performance giving great facilities to the user when listening to our music lists.

For a small price per month (€ 12.99), this app lets you listen to music on any device (mobile or tablet) with the option of being able to store it offline to listen to it when you don’t have a connection available.

You also have the option to access your music lists online from any device with access to the network. Another positive aspect is that with the Premium version you do not have those pesky ads. Advertising is over.

If you are a great music lover and you can afford this small monthly fee, this is undoubtedly one of the best applications for listening to music without Internet.

free spotify premium

Simple mp3 Downloader

Simplicity never fails and here we have a good example of it. Simple mp3, with a simple interface and great search comfort, is one of the applications to download and listen to music that we recommend without a doubt.

Its search engine allows us to discover the whole discography of a singer or a group by just putting their name. And not only that, but it also allows us to listen to a song before we start downloading it to make sure it’s the one we really want.

With more than 10000 downloads and a size of just 2.49 MB, it becomes one of our favorites in this field. Exclusive for Android.


If you do not want to scratch your pocket and pay a monthly fee (and you don’t support piracy), Musicall is the application that best suits your needs.

This app gets all your music base from Youtube. And what does not exist on YouTube? Exactly, here you will find everything you want.

The app allows you to select the quality of the music in streaming as well as the one that you are going to download. In addition, it lets you choose the storage folder to not overload the internal memory of our device.

Click here if you are looking for an app to download free music on iPhone or Androidgood free music apps for iphone without wifi


If you’re tired of always hearing the same and want to discover new talents, Bloom.Fm is your solution. The app is very useful in this field, as it not only has more than 22 million songs in its catalog but has its own radio stations with more than 150 different genres.

Unfortunately, it is an application that can only be used in the UK. It was recently removed from the Apple Store.

bloom fm USA

Microsoft Groove

Groove app was recently purchased by Microsoft and is now called “Microsoft Groove”. They have changed some of their characteristics but in the end it is still useful to listen to themes without Internet connection. We have updated the download link!

An application that will make your hair stand on end, exclusive for iPhone lovers.

Its use is very easy, once you start to play the favorite songs of your phone, Groove will study your habits and musical tastes and will put different playlists at your disposal. It has other functions like the use of intelligent gestures while driving to lower or raise the volume. And with one click you can share everything through your favorite social networks.

Without doubt, the application to listen to music without Internet on iPhone and iPad that you cannot miss.

free music apps for ipod without wifi

MP3 Music Download

MP3 music download has great downloadable music content that makes it more appealing than some of its competitors. In addition, it has the feature of being able to be used as a playlist.

As for its operation, it never gave us problems when trying to download a song. However, the application would improve considerably if instead of downloading song by song you could download the complete album. With a weight of 1.32MB, it becomes an even lighter option than the previous one.

music without wifi for iphone

Google Play Music

Google Play Music is an application that fits perfectly with Google+ users. An app that lets you buy all the music you want without worrying about the storage space.

Your songs are stored online and you can access them from any device. It also lets you download songs to play offline and share them with your friends on Google+.

music app no wifi iphone

4shared music

With an outdated appearance, this application surprises us with 10 million downloads and its positive reviews. To use it you need to make an account in 4shared and after indicating your emails and data you have access to 15GB of storage for your music and a list of songs that in our opinion is more limited than the above mentioned.

music streaming without wifi

Invenio Carmen

Invenio Carmen is an application that we found years ago and is now no longer available on Google Play, but you can still find it in a little search for your favorite search engine or from its official website. If you are lazy, don’t worry, we’ll provide you with the alternative download links here.

It also has the option to download videos, movies and series. We recommend giving this alternative application a chance to listen to offline music.

invenio carmen apk

Official website

QQ Music

It seems that China takes years of advantage, especially in the technology sector. In this country, copyright is not so much under the spotlight as in Europe, the United States or Latin America, which is why it is easier to find apps to watch videos, download movies or download music without much difficulty. Even the latest releases can be found here in very good quality! (Or have you ever wondered why you watch movies with Chinese subtitles?)

The biggest drawback of all this is the language. The application we bring you today is to download music and listen to it without internet connection or listen to it in streaming.

And it is so good and it has so many songs (last issues of the world TOP, not only of Asia) that exists its version in Spanish and English. No, you will not find it in Google Play or App Store (only in Chinese), so we leave you with the Mediafire link (no root needed).

Enjoy it!

qq music download

Deezer Music

This application developed by the French company Deezer SA has managed to be during the last years a fierce competitor of other services like Spotify. The utility boasts of having one of the largest streaming music libraries (up to 40 million songs), in addition to reaching 180 countries and having 16 million users.

The app is based on the well-known freemium method. That is, combines a free service with advertising with a premium service, free of ads and where the user can enjoy a greater number of features. And is that if we do not have access to the network and we want to listen to our playlists offline we will have to subscribe to the premium. That if, for only 12.99 euros per month, nothing that we cannot afford if we are not able to live without music.

Among other advantages of the premium service is the ability to skip songs without limit, higher audio quality or play the songs in the car using CarPlay and Android Auto. The best of all? You have 30 days to try it totally free.

deezer apk download

They say that music appeases the beasts. We expect from here that you can enjoy your favorite artists without having to connect to the network, completely offline, whether you are Android and iOS.

And of course, if you know any other app to listen to music without Internet iPhone or Android and that is not on the list, let us know!

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