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Do you know which is the best app to make gifs?

Today we bring you a list of the best GIF applications for Android and iOS. Discover how to create original animated images to share online!

Even the fact that gifs are no longer fashionable, still many social networks such as Facebook or instant messaging applications like Whatsapp use them constantly -well, its users, of course. However, sometimes they are somewhat repetitive or we can’t see ourselves identified in them.

The solution is in your hands: today we bring you best APPS to make GIFS, whether for Android or iOS. Don’t miss them!

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How to turn photos into GIF: app for Android and iOS 2018

GIF Camera

If you’re tired of taking pictures with your Smartphone camera and you are looking for a more original camera app, don’t miss Gif Camera App. With it, you can turn photos into gifs in just two easy steps.

The working system of converting a photo into a gif is practically automatic, so don’t worry if you don’t understand a lot about this matter: the app does it for you. In addition, it works with both the photos you take directly from the application and those already stored on your gallery.

Once done, you can share it on social networks and have fun with your friends and family. Remember that to share them properly on Facebook, you need to upload the gif to a specialized website, and for Whatsapp you need to have it saved in your gallery.

animated gif maker online free

Gif Me! Camera and Gif Maker

This application for making Gifs is very similar to the previous one: it is very well rated among its users because it works perfectly and fulfills what it promises. Just follow 3 steps to create your own gif:

·         Capture a few seconds from the built-in camera in the app.

·         Edit to your liking the images, adjust the brightness, add filters or set the GIF speed. Filters can be applied live at the time of taking the photo, as you prefer.

·         Share it on social media.

The application allows gifs of up to 14 seconds, although we personally think that a Gif should not be that long. If you want an intuitive and easy-to-use app that works, GIF Me! is what you were looking for.

animated gif maker online


5secondsApp is one of the few gif apps that exist for both Android and iOS. This fact and its features make 5SecondsApp one of our favorites applications to create an animated gif.

  • The app is used to create animated gifs from images (photos or videos) that you have saved on your mobile or tablet.
  • It has a great gallery of gifs among which we can search by popularity or categories.
  • It is also an image editor, allowing you to adjust details of the gifs you have created, add effects or control the speed.
  • You can mix your creations: be original!
  • It allows you to add text and stickers to your gifs, which reminds us of the stories of Instagram or Snapchat.

No registration is required, it is free and one of the most used for its ease of use. Don’t miss it!

photo animation creator


If we had to choose only one from this list, it would certainly be Giphy Cam. If you feel especially creative, this is the application you need.

Among other things, the main functionalities of the application are:

  • Add special effects (old roll or even 3D effects).
  • Add everything you can think of: stickers, texts, landmarks …
  • There are new filters every week, so you never get bored.
  • You can post your creations through WhatsApp, or share them on Instagram, Facebook or wherever you want.

To create your own gif with Giphy Cam, you must press the red button for 5 seconds and record what you want to transform into a fun gif. Nothing else. Simple, don’t you think?

In addition, the app allows you to import and modify gifs, and it is expected to allow importing videos soon.

online animated gif maker

What do you think of these Gif apps? Have you ever created any? Do you recommend any other tools? Do you have any questions or advice? We are waiting for you in the comments!


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