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how to make money reviewing apps
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Apps to use to Make Money – easy and fast!

Discover how to get cash by using these amazing apps for Android and iOS. A few extra bucks every month, FOR FREE!

We all like to earn some cash easily and quickly. And we know more than one person that works on the Internet and they pay their bills. How do they do it? Why don’t we make ourselves users of the best apps to make money with? Directly from home, easy, and safe.

Not all of us can afford to quit our jobs, but there are many apps to earn money with our smartphones.  Imagine that you can use apps to win real cashwhile you are on the bus, or while you are waiting on your dentist’s. In any moment that you have free time, you can earn extra cash.

If you want to know which are the best apps to get money, keep reading!

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How can you make money with an app?


What if we told you that you can earn extra cash by watching a few videos? With this Android application, you can do it. You just need to have a mobile device (tablet or smartphone), download Apptrailers from Google Play, watch videos, and win a few bucks. As easy as it sounds.

The videos you need to watch are mainly from new apps that are about to be released. It’s a trailer, like a preview of the upcoming application. Once you have watched it, you can get your money through Paypal or discount codes for Amazon.

Besides being one of the best apps to win real money, you are going to be the first person to know what’s coming up in Google Play. Stay one step ahead of the others and take advantage of it! Of course, the app is completely free and you get notifications for extra bonuses so you don’t miss anything!

how to get free money from apps


You can control the stock markets from the palm of your hand with this free app for iOS and Android. If you are looking for apps that can earn money, this may be the one. The application is characterized by its simple interface, low spreads, fast performance, and its graphics – very easy to understand, even if you are just starting in the world of trading and stocks.

The app is updated with FOREX shares and stock market indices, as well as market prices. With this application for investments, you can earn cash online for free. Of course, there are many other ways of how to earn money from apps, but we particularly like this one.

An easy investment network: with your account, you are able to make cash just by downloading the app.  eToro opens the financial market to everyone: stock markets are not only for rich people anymore. YOU can be rich online as well. Try it!

free apps that pay real money


AppNana may not be considered as one of the best apps to make you a little bit richer, but it can save us a bunch of bucks at the end of the month. To get the free gift cards we just need to download the application and automatically you’ll receive your price.

Did you know that there are some users that have won up to 5 million dollars in games and gift cards? Why aren’t you still one of them? It is true that this is not a way to get REAL cash, but the gift cards will save us a lot of expenses and time in our shopping.

Just by opening the app you receive some points (exchangeable for prices). Remember that you will earn discounts opening apps, not just downloading them! Don’t forget this!

win free gift cards app


CashPirate is probably one of the top 10 earn money app in the world. The famous skull allows us to easily earn some money. To get the benefits, we need to do one or more of these actions:

  • Download mobile applications (maybe you discover the new Instagram before anyone else!).
  • Try free games.
  • Invite our friends and family to join.
  • Fill surveys.
  • Try new products.
  • Watch videos.

And much more. As you can see, we have many different options to receive money on our phones. We just need a little bit of free time. Earnings can be in cash, in mobile phone charges, or gift cards: you choose!

Why not having fun while we learn how to make money with free apps?

cashpirate facebook


Fiverr is a well-known online platform where vendors (like yourself, for example) offer their services from 5$ onwards. These services can be of any kind: translations, writing, transcriptions, logo designs, video editing, songs, language lessons, postcard sending, and even funny jokes. Whatever you want.

Creating an account on Fiverr is completely free and you just need to generate a Gig (what you offer) which is attractive and useful. You put the price, extras, and delivery time. Then, you wait for your customers to come.

The application to make money with the smartphone is available for iOS and Android, so we can control our benefits directly from our phones, getting notifications for any change or consultation on every order.

Whatever your talent is, earn money with it. Don’t miss the chance of getting the potential you have inside with this fantastic platform. From 5 dollars onwards.

exchange services online

Tap Quick Cash

Take advantage of all the hours you spend on your phone! This application is very easy to use and it is very similar to the mentioned above: you download new apps, you try them, and you get benefits. You also get real cash when your friends do the same.

You start earning 5$ in the first 5 minutes. You will spend 2 minutes a day, and at the end of the month, you can earn a few hundred dollars. It is perfect for your daily finances!

Get the most of the social media and apps to make your pocket grow. Only for Android.

tap quick cash how to use

Make the most of your smartphone or tablet (iPad or Android) by winning extra benefits with apps, by watching videos, or giving dog training lessons via Skype. Explore the different options and do the one that fits you the most.

Do you recommend apps to get cash like Uber? Do you know how to make money selling apps?


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