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best video app for iphone and android

Find the best video maker for Android and iOS

Discover here the top best apps to create and edit videos on your smartphone or tablet: both for Android and iOs devices!

Making videos with iPhone, iPad or any Android smartphone or tablet is very simple: just turn on the camera, put it into video mode and press record. But sometimes, we want to edit that video: trim it, add effects or prepare it as a gift or a joke. Maybe you want an app to make funny videos or music videos, or maybe you want to put together the photos of that special trip or that night out with friends.

Today you can learn how to do it easily with this amazing apps to make videos.

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The best Android and iPhone video editing apps


There are already many amateur automatic video editing apps, so Kinemaster is defined as the first app to make Android videos in a professional way, technically speaking.

You only need your smartphone, you don’t need special connections to other devices or servers. Simple and at the same level of computer video editing programs.

The app allows editing multiple video tracks at once: just drag the video you want to the timeline. You can cut, paste, preview at any time, control brightness, speed, and saturation, include fade in and fade out, handwrite or put stickers, add transition effects, rotate or add audio effects and animations. And of course, share it on your favorite social networks.

It supports the formats mp4, 3gp, mov, mp3, m4a, aac, jpg, and png, as well as video and audio recorded in real time. The app is free for 14 days and then it works with a monthly subscription.

easy video maker


WeVideo is the perfect app for making video from photos or recordings, or for making music videos, photo slideshows for sharing them later on Facebook or Twitter.

You can use photos and videos from your gallery or capture from the same application, and you can cut and join pieces of video to tell the story you want. The app lets you add effects, titles, and music – with the ability to adjust the volume.

And of course, you can share videos in the cloud or on your social networks, such as Youtube or Facebook. Making great videos easily is no longer a problem!

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Vivavideo has been considered the best Android app to make videos, being the number one on Google Play in more than 70 countries, and it has more than 50 million downloads. It also works as a video recorder.

The Vivavideo camera has different lenses (basic, selfie, FX, music video, collages …), it’s an app to make funny or musical videos. Whatever you want.

This application allows you to make video collages of photos and it puts at your disposal and imagination more than 200 special effects, stickers, filters, music, transitions or live dubbing. A complete app you shouldn’t miss.

The app also lets you make videos and share them on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Whatsapp and many more.

iphone video app


Perfect and simple app to make videos on iPad and iPhone. It quickly and easily converts photo slideshows to videos. There is no limit on duration and there is no advertising.

It has fewer effects than other competitors but it is very functional: three filters, songs, text labels and many other tools to customize your video to your liking. In addition, it allows you to record your own voice in the same project and export the videos in HD (high definition) up to 1080p.

Until recently they left watermark of the app in the videos, but after hearing complaints from the users, the developers have removed it. An exclusive Apple video editing app!

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One of the most amazing apps to make videos for Android and iOS. Just upload a recorded video with your mobile phone, choose a soundtrack, put a title and … nothing more! The Magisto app will do the rest for you.

The result? A mini-movie of the video that you uploaded, with a professional touch and without moving a single finger. It will be your private and secret video editor. In addition, it has intelligent facial recognition, which detects important people in the video.

It is very simple and automated, allowing you to export to your favorite social channels and choosing the theme: it’s not the same a birthday, a birth or New Year’s Eve!

best video editor for iphone


If you’re used to working with the iMovie software on your Mac, now you can also enjoy this complete tool if you have an iPhone, iPad or iPod. With a completely redesigned interface, Multi-Touch technology is incorporated so you can edit your videos doing several tasks at once.

With iMovie, you will have a lot of options to create the most professional videos. You can add filters, animated titles or a soundtrack. If you want to go a step further and make your own trailer or teaser, the program contains different templates with original graphics and credits used by the great filmmakers.

Of course, you don’t need to be an expert to handle the app, with a couple of uses it will be enough, especially if you are already familiar with the computer version. Note that you can also retouch your videos directly from the Photos application and you can also transfer your projects between your Apple devices. You can even finish editing them on your desktop or laptop!

The download of iMovie costs 4.99 euros, a very affordable price if you are looking for a good video editing tool. If you haven’t tried it yet, we encourage you to do it!

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You no longer have an excuse. Now you can create videos easily and quickly with these smartphone and tablet apps. Choose the one that suits you best and use your imagination. Then, just share your videos with your family and friends on social networks.

Tell us if you’ve used any of these apps for videos or recommend to other users something else that is not on the list! We are waiting!


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