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Best Apps for PC: don’t miss out this list!

Check out this amazing list of apps that you should install on your PC!

Using some iPhone or Android applications on our PC is the dream of many of us. Having everything in one device, with a large screen and a good keyboard is not comparable to a smartphone, no matter how good it is.

In fact, new versions of Windows already work with programs that are PC apps, because its interface reminds us more of a mobile phone than a computer in the “strict” sense of the word. We will do a review both the first and the second computer applications. Do not miss out!

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PC apps you should install right now!

Android apps on your computer: BlueStacks

Some of you already know this famous app emulator, and those who don’t, here we leave you with its download link and a summary of its features. Basically, it is an emulator that allows us to enter to Google Play and use all the apps of our smartphone or tablet on our PC.

It simulates being inside an Android system, simple as that. It is very easy to use: we only have to use the credentials that we normally use on our phones.

So, we can open Whatsapp for PC, Instagram, email, Google apps, hairstyle applications on computer or those mini-games that are so addictive – even Pokémon Go!

bluestacks official download

Download it from its official website.

Windows applications that you need to know

One Calendar

To date, many apps have calendars and organizers that make it easier for us. For example, Facebook is great for not forgetting the birthdays of our friends and family, while Outlook calendar helps us not to miss this important meeting of work. Other people use Google Calendar (ideal for flights and accommodation reservations) or Office 365.

In order to get everything in order, we can use this PC app that allows you to integrate all the calendars of other applications into one: One Calendar. So, we will have all our events and tasks in one place. We will thus avoid overlapping or forgetting any date. It is very easily editable and you can work offline.

calendar app for pc


VINE has become the most popular short video platform on social networks and the Internet in general. So much so, that it has a version for PC in which we won’t need an emulator or anything like that. From the same web of Microsoft, we can download the program in our Windows 7, 8 or superior.

We will be able to publish videos of VINE from our computer, with the comfort that entails, and at the same time we can publish them on Twitter and Facebook (two social networks that triumphed first in web and then in app form, just the opposite to VINE). It is free, without limitations and with a great world to explore before us.

vine for windows

La Liga TV

If you are passionate about sports, especially football, this app needs to be installed on your PC. We already talked in your day of the applications to see soccer live from our mobile or tablet, but where is a good computer screen that will remove the rest.

The National Professional Football League brings us this free application to see all the national soccer in our computer, be it the Liga BBVA, Liga Femenina or Liga Adelante. We can see:

  • Summary of the goals of the matches
  • Press conferences
  • Special Programs
  • Other events promoted by La Liga

At the same time, the app allows us to record the matches of our favorite team with the option “My team” and the latest news about football with the section “On the cover”. Bookmark your favorites or the videos you want to watch later and enjoy the sport from your desktop.

apps to watch football on computer

Shazam for PC

Shazam has been one of the best applications of recent years. While it has been strong competitors, Shazam is the first that is on everyone’s lips. If even the verb “shazamear” is used!

This app has been so successful that its version of computer application has been created. Like the mobile app, it’s free and it recognizes songs. If you do not have Internet at the moment, don’t worry, you Shazam them and later you can identify the songs. Get lyrics, Youtube videos and even access to the original purchase of songs in the Windows Store. Essential!

identify songs with apps for pc


And you, what do you think of these PC / computer apps? Do you have any doubt or suggestion? We are waiting for you in the comments!

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