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Do you know which is the best app to make gifs?

Even the fact that gifs are no longer fashionable, still many social networks such as Facebook or instant messaging applications like Whatsapp use them constantly -well, its users, of course. However, sometimes they are somewhat repetitive or we can’t see ourselves identified in them. ...Read More

Best online photo apps for iPhone and Android

The first cellphones that allowed to take pictures had VGA cameras, but, nowadays, smartphones have reached such resolutions that are comparable to some reflex camera models (DSLR). It is even possible to interchange lenses! We use our telephone constantly to capture the most special ...Read More

Add text to your photos with this amazing apps

Taking a picture and post it online is not enough sometimes. What’s more, it’s not even enough to modify those photos. No. Adding text in our pics is a funny complement to them. When we write on a picture, we can create inspirational or ...Read More