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top ten photo editing apps

Best online photo apps for iPhone and Android

The first cellphones that allowed to take pictures had VGA cameras, but, nowadays, smartphones have reached such resolutions that are comparable to some reflex camera models (DSLR). It is even possible to interchange lenses!

We use our telephone constantly to capture the most special moments, to take selfies, to remember those amazing nights, or to record that amusing and unexpected street show. Also, we take pictures of our travels, our pets, our food, or anything that appears in front of us.

It doesn’t matter why, but taking pics with the phone or downloading editing apps for iPhone is something that we do many times every day. This is the reason why photo apps developers have worked a lot and they have created many apps for pictures, both for Android and iOS devices.

Online photo editors, photo editing apps for iPhone/Android, popular free photos storage apps, collage applications… whatever you want is now available. Let us introduce you our special section of the best photo editing apps (and much more).

top ten photo editing apps

TOP 5 Apps For Taking And Editing Pictures

Instagram, your social media app where you can share pics and videos as you like

There’s not much more to say about Instagram: it is the most popular app for photos and videos. The application has three features that make it one of the best of the picture field: it can be used as a camera, as a photo editor, and as a social network.

Show the world how you want to be seen, what you do, your daily life, the daily life of your dog or your cat, your projects, your art. Anything you like. Once you choose the picture on the app, you can add a filter to it to give it a realistic or vintage effect. Also, you can adjust it to your preferences: brightness, contrast, saturation, color, size, crop…

After doing this, you just need to upload the pic to the social network and all your followers will be able to see it, to comment, and to share. Your profile can be public or private. Many famous people have already joined Instagram: are you ready for it?

best picture apps for iphone

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PicsArt, a free professional photo editor for your smartphone

Picsart is one of the best app for pictures for iPhone and Android devices -in this case, from the perspective of photo editing. It has been downloaded more than 100 million times just on Google Play. Not that bad, huh?

This application allows you to create a collage, edit pictures, and share photos in its own social network. The thing is that, after the success of Instagram (mentioned above), Picsart decided to create its own community for photographers.

It has more effects and filters than Instagram, as well as frames, shapes, tags, designs, text effects, color adjustments, rotation, masking, and much more. The possibilities are endless. You can even draw on pictures and make them funnier!

It is also possible to work with layers (like Photoshop), so the picture editing becomes easier. Create your own art gallery and participate in photo contests!

iphone picture editing apps

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Autodesk Pixlr, one of those popular editing apps you shouldn’t miss!

Another free online photo editor (and offline as well) that works hard to get the top one position on its field: it has more than 2 million photo effects and combinations of filters, frames and overlaps to customize your best images. TWO MILLION! It is free, but you can always use the Premium version by just registering with a Pixlr account (also free).

You can take pictures directly from the application and make edits before actually taking it: preview the final result before anyone else! You can create up to 4 custom presets to quickly edit your photos.

Adjustments are very easy to use, and for the laziest ones, there is an automatic mode that corrects every feature of the image. You can share them on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

world best editing app

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Beauty Plus: do you want to make you iPhone images the most beautiful in the world? (Also available for Android!)

This app is particularly popular in Asian countries like Japan, South Korea, or Malaysia. This successful application for picture editing has been downloaded on more than 30 million devices.

Beauty Plus improves the beauty of your images on iPhone and Android: you can look prettier with just clicking a button! It doesn’t matter if the light is not good enough because the app has intelligent exposure and captures bright and soft-looking pictures.

You can take selfies directly from the photo app (with 3 seconds of countdown) and you can add many filters: skin softening, defect removal (wrinkles, blemishes, pimples, or other imperfections), face and body slimming… What else do you want? It also enhances your eyes!

Impress your friends with this great editing app!

beautyplus, one of the top 10 editing apps

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EyEm, easy online photography editing on your phone

EyEm is another emerging community of amateur and professional photographers. It has more than 30 different filters and many tools for photo edition so you can customize it as you want. Its particular camera automatically adjusts the exposure, has a grid and automatic level adjustment, so you can make beautiful compositions.

All filters are completely free and they help you to find the style you were looking for: we are pretty sure you’re going to find at least one that adapts to you. On the other hand, you can make edits to pictures by adjusting contrast, temperature, exposure, sharpness, vignette, fade, or saturation, for example. Of course, you can change the format of the original photo by rotating or cropping it.

You control all intellectual rights over the images and you can even sell them and earn some cash. Another way of promoting your work is by participating in the contests (also called “Missions”). Enjoy!

eyem, editor of photos

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With this popular photo editors for iPhone, iPad and Android devices, you can capture and customize your most precious moments and your favorite people. Adjust manually or automatically every little detail, and share your art on social networks. You are going to have a great time while making the most of your smartphone camera!

And, as always, let us know if you know any other app for pictures!


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