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Best apps to put videos together!

Do you have an iPhone, iPad, iPot Touch or any Android device? Do you want to put some videos together? Find out how with these amazing apps.

We love to share our most precious moments, whether in video or in photo. Sharing our experiences with family, friends and followers generates an interaction with them that otherwise wouldn’t exist. In other words, we socialize online. Today we will focus on our favorite video apps.

Sometimes we recorded several videos of different moments of the night, the wedding, the party or the birthday and we can’t decide what videos we should upload. What if we put all those videos together? Make the perfect video to share with this applications and programs to combine videos that we bring you today in TuAppPara.

Don’t miss them! Find the best app to put videos together on iPhone and Android devices.

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Best applications to put videos together!

VidTrim Video Editor

VidTrim is not only one of those apps to put videos together, but also it is useful to organize our gallery. This video app for Android includes classic editing options, such as cut, mix, capture frames and many video effects, to make it your own way.

Also, this video editor for Android allows you to extract audio and convert it to mp3 and transcode, that is, compress it and pass it to MP4. And of course, you can share videos from the same application.

It is considered one of the best applications to stitch and edit videos for Android. What are you waiting for?

video maker with music for android

VidStitch Free

Without a doubt, the most visual social network is Instagram. In its free version, VidStitch will allow us to mix our videos to our liking: it is the perfect app to make video collages and upload them to Instagram. And by the way, the same application integrates VINE, the program to upload short videos fun that has gained popularity in recent times.

Its use is very intuitive, making it perfect for those who have no idea how to edit videos in a professional way. A very clear and simple interface, which is also combined with an intelligent and semi-automatic app.

Choose your frames, mix photos and videos and upload them wherever you want. And in its PRO version, you can add the soundtrack of your choice. Oh, and it supports GIF files!

video stitcher for android free


We have already said before: Instagram is the most popular video and photo sharing social network. Therefore, we have in our list another application to put videos together that focuses on Instagram users. It is very practical, easy to use and fun.

This mash videos together app allows to cut and erase the parts of the video that are not interesting for us, and just like the famous social network, the app leaves a blurred background, a colored border or movement of the video or photo in question (yes, we can combine photos AND videos in the same collage).

This application also allows us to add music to our videos, both in MP3 format and in many others. It is very easy to synchronize music and video and you can control the volume.

Also, we can add text and emoticons (emojis) of all kinds, both in video (text) and in photo (text and emojis). Filters, twists, 1080p compatibility, high resolution, possibility to share on Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Instagram and much more … One of our favorites!

make video collages for Instagram app


Making videos easily is the premise on which this fantastic application of videos for iPhone works, which now also has its version in Android. And is that with a single click you will make your photos and videos become one and with professional quality. It is pure magic!

Your choice of making videos automatically is one of the best for all those inexperienced in the field of video editing. You can merge iPhone videos as well as pictures and music. When finished, we will have a professional music video in our hands, with our best moments.

Despite being able to use the automatic option, Magisto is an app that gives you the possibility to use options of all kinds, such as stabilize, face detection, filters, combine two videos on iPhone (or more), effects, transitions … let yourself be surprised!

70 million users cannot be wrong.

magisto free apk for iphone


Can you merge videos on iPhone? Of course, you can!

And finally we find an exclusive app to stitch videos together on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. If you were looking for an app to make videos on iPhone in a simple way and that carve them in your memory forever, you have found it.

MixBit makes it easy. This application to merge videos in iOS works automatically, and its results are excellent. Professional graphics effects, animations, soundtrack or facial detection are some of its strengths that you cannot miss.

In addition, the app allows to work in group in the “Private Collaboration” mode, so that only those that you want can accede to the video in question and publish it if they want to. Share it with family and friends directly from the app to your favorite social network.

merge videos on iphone free

Video Editor

We want to update this list with another application (this time of Android) with which you can put together the videos of your phone in the simplest possible way. Maybe it’s not as complete as some of the great apps we recommend on this list, but what we like about it is its simplicity and ease of use.

In their last update, they also added something that no other app has on Google Play: you can rotate the photo or video in the slideshow, exclusively! And although we have said that it is simple, it has a lot of options:

  • Possibility to add a music track chosen by you (and thus make your own video with music).
  • Cut, rotate or split videos into two separate clips.
  • Pass the video to mp3 audio format.
  • Make slideshows.
  • Edit as you like!

We hope you enjoy it at least as much as we do.

edit videos free on android

We hope that with these fabulous apps to merge videos you are completely satisfied. But if you dare not and you know some other applications to edit videos on Android or iOS, free or paid, automatic or professional, we look forward to your comments.

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