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Call recording software for iPhone and Android

We bring you today the best apps for voice call recording, both for iPhone (iOS) and any Android device.

One of the main features of our smartphones -one of the oldest ones, in fact- is the app for recording (or sound recorder, as you prefer). We don’t always use it, but it is always there just in case we need an app to record conversation or even an important lecture.

However, there is another situation in which we would like to have an app for voice recording, but not in person: we talk about taping phone calls. Recording phone calls with iPhone or Android has been useful in trials, as they can prove verbal threats. They are proof of our calls.

But yes, these applications don’t come with the original phone settings, so we need to download automatic call recorder (or manual, if you want). It doesn’t matter if you are an iPhone fanboy or an Android user: pay attention and start recording phone calls on iPhone and Android devices.

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Which is the best app that allows you to record phone calls?

Automatic Call Recorder

With this amazing application, we can record and save phone calls at our choice. You can set the phone number you want to tape and mark those you’re not interested in recording. As you can see, you can fully customize the options.

At the same time, once the call is recorded, you can add voice notes and share them with whom you think it’s appropriate. Oh, and you can automatically synchronize it with Drive or Dropbox.

As there are many different microphones and recorders in the world, we recommend you to try the free version of this Android app to record phone calls. And, if you like it, you can pay for the premium version.

You can also save a lot of space on your device, as all the recorded conversations can be saved in an SD card.

your recordings call recordings

Smart Audio Call Recorder

With this automatic call recorder 2018 for Android, you won’t have to worry about anything else. You don’t need to make the recording while you are receiving or making the call: autopilot on!

Thanks to this app, we can remember what we were told in a particular conversation, such as a job interview or the conditions of a contract. Record your call as you wish and have the proof in your bare hands!  

free automatic call recorder for android

HD CallRecorder

This Android app for recording conversations is compatible with almost all the devices on the market -perfect, for example, if you were looking for an automatic call recorder for Samsung mobile, HTC or Asus, among others.  It is one of the best rated recording apps on Google Play and you can also fully customize what you want to tape or not.

There’s a feature that allows you to leave a voice note on the recorded conversation and send them through other applications or upload them to Drive and/or Dropbox.

Thousands of conversations can be automatically recorded on your SD card or the phone’s memory. You decide how and where!

record conversation android HD


Call Recorder Intcall is a top 10 app in more than 130 countries. Do you want to know why?

IntCall allows you to record iPhone conversation as you please. All call can only be saved on your iPhone: it is safer and more efficient. Other call recording software for iPhone (or Android) work with third-party companies, but not this one.

You can tape international and national calls on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. Make the call directly from the application and the recording will start automatically. Once it is recorded and saved, you can send it via e-mail, play it on the phone, or synchronize it with iTunes -or, of course, delete it.

The calls are made via a VOIP server, so there are no extra charges and the call won’t appear on your phone bill. Even more, you don’t even need a SIM card, just a good WiFi connection or mobile data (3G/4G).

It is free to download and install and make a test once. From that conversation on, you need to pay for the tapings.

iphone intcall app full


With TapeACall, you can tap outgoing and incoming calls on iPhone. In the free version, you can listen to the first minute of the conversation, but you can pay for the full version and get the whole call.

There is no limit or duration, and there are no extra fees: you just pay once for the application. You can share the taped calls via SMS, Twitter, or Facebook, and also download them to your computer (Mac) in a few seconds.

There is the possibility of tagging the conversations, so you can find them easily, and you can set a “bip” tone to make the other part that he or she is being recorded.

iphone recording software

CallRecorder ACR

We bring you a new app with the same functionalities as the previous ones: you can tape conversations on Android for free. The name is not very original, though, but the application works well. Moreover, it’s free and it’s one of the best rated on Google Play.

It has many features and characteristics that make it one of the best in the field, for example grouping by date, tags, excluding numbers, manual or automatic recordings… We aim you to try it!

acr call recorder


With this apps, we want you to find the tool that you were looking for. Do you know any other with this purpose? Remember to check the telephone recording laws in your country 🙂 


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