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apps on samsung smart tv
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BEST apps on Samsung Smart TV

Smart TVs are getting more and more successful. They become, day after day, an alternative to our conventional television and to the rest of electronic gadgets of house, putting all the devices into one. Samsung Smart TV  is one of the most successful models, there’s no doubt about it. All Samsung Smart tvs share the high quality of image (HD) and you can choose between curved or flat screen, with 3D and resolutions of up to 4k and SUHD. Smart TVs are characterized by operating through applications, just like our smartphones or tablets. Although they are still under development, we can already find some good apps for Smart TV Samsung. Don’t miss them.

apps on samsung smart tv

Apps on Samsung smart TV you should be downloading right now

K-box, a karaoke app for Smart TV Samsung

Do you like to sing and have fun? Do you want to turn your living room into an authentic karaoke? Get ready because the K-Box application is just what you were looking for.

K-Box is an application for Samsung Smart TV that consists of an online karaoke. A total of 12000 songs and themes in high quality for you to enjoy with your family, friends or whoever you want. In K-Box you will find all your favorite artists of now and then, for children, young people or adults. A karaoke with songs for the whole family that you can’t miss.

40 thousand hours of music are waiting for you.

Smart TV Samsung karaoke

Official website

Netflix, the best streaming app for Samsung smart TV

 Netflix is the app to watch movies and series that is spreading all around the world. Now we can enjoy this application for Samsung Smart TV as well.

Thousands of hours of original content from such popular series as House of Cards or Orange is the New Black. Likewise, you can enjoy other types of programs such as documentaries, children’s programming or films of all kinds of genres.

Watching movies and series on your Samsung Smart TV has never been so simple and practical. You pay your flat rate and whenever you want you can unsubscribe, easy as that.

how to download samsung tv apps

Get it on Samsung Apps

Clarovideo, another streaming app for Samsung smart TV

Clarovideo is an alternative to the previous application for Smart TV that we mentioned before, Netflix. Its functions are similar, since it is another app for smartTV that, through a subscription, and with the rental of videos on demand online (video on demand) allows you to access thousands of hours of content.

In Clarovideo you can find all kinds of programs, from documentaries to series, movies, concerts, humor programs and much more.

Just log in to the website and subscribe. Easy, fast and very useful for those dead hours in front of the TV. At last you will see something that you like!

download clarovideo

Official website

Ticketmaster, one of those free tv apps for Samsung smart TV you need to know

Ticketmaster is known for being a service through which you can buy tickets for all types of events: theater, cinema, concerts, shows, circus, venues, zoo, aquariums, festivals, museums and much more. Its possibilities are endless, all revolving around the culture.

It also provides information about the latest shows or events that will occur in the area where you live, and you can also see other areas of the country if you select them. Thus, you will be up to date on everything and at the same time you can buy the tickets that interest you.

Enjoy with this fantastic application to buy tickets from your smartTV.

how to stream on samsung smart tv

Official Website

We hope that with these four Samsung smart TV apps you get more out of your new device. Now you can watch movies, entertain yourself singing or buy tickets for your favorite concert from the couch in your home, without moving your legs. Enjoy the benefits that your Samsung SmartTV offers you.

And as always, tell us if you know any other app for smart TV (Samsung or other brand) that is useful. We are waiting!


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