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Join the local selling online community with this apps!

You haven’t put on that dress since your cousin’s wedding… why don’t you earn some money by selling it? Check out these app for selling stuff through your phone

Don’t you feel that, sometimes, your house is full of too many stuff? Some of them can be useful at some time, but there are others that only annoy us. It’s even possible that two people gave you the same present for Christmas. What can you do? The answer is: sell your goods online!

You may be thinking about which one is the best website to sell products…and the answer could be Craiglist, for example. But to do that, we want you to know our precious list of app for selling stuff. Get rid of all those ugly things directly from your smartphone!

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Best apps to sell stuff locally

Letgo + Wallapop

Wallapop has been active on the market for about 4 years and in this short period of time, it has replaced many other local apps for selling goods in countries like Spain, for example. It has a fresh interface, it is very easy to use and it works very well.

You just have to register with an e-mail or Facebook account and start selling a product online through the app. Just write a description, put a price and upload some pics. Through the internal chat tool, people can contact you and you can contact other sellers and buyers.

Thanks to geolocation you can find the best stuff to sell online that is near to you. This way, it is much easier to meet and exchange money for goods. It is free, there are many categories and you can find anything you can imagine. A real online flea market!

sell merchandise online with wallapop

But… why is Wallapop not available in the United States? Letgo is the answer!

If you live in the US, you already probably know what are we talking about. If you want to know how to sell online products, Letgo is a very useful app. It is also free and available for Android and iOS.

Well, in 2016, Letgo bought all the rights of selling stuff of Wallapop in the territory of the United States, so now they are 2 apps in 1. The company will work under the name of Letgo, thus expanding its power and force of selling products locally through the smartphone or tablet.

Letgo is a well-known app where you can sell anything online for free that has been praised by many famous publications such as The New York Times or TechCrunch, among others.

It is very fast, the chat works perfectly, and it is the only app with AI (artificial intelligence) that automatically writes titles and descriptions by analyzing the photos. You can always modify it, don’t worry.

Wallapop and Letgo, two great apps united to make your life easier.

how to sell a product online with letgo


Poshmark is probably the best fashion app of the moment. If you are wondering how to “sell my products online for free” or” how to sell an item online”, this is your application. This app is focused on the fashion market, specially women’s clothes and complements.

Here, you will find more than 5000 brands with great discounts (up to 70%!). You can sell your clothes for free and buy items at a very good price. Don’t you think your closet needs a renewal?

Retailers and fashion stores have in Poshmark some of the best online discounts. Louis Vuitton, Ugg, Brandy Melville items and much more are waiting for you. Get ready for the next party with the best opportunities!

And not only this, we love Poshmark because of these three features:

  • You can meet women from all around the world and go partying together or do some shopping!
  • You can also sell all the stuff you don’t want and renovate your closet every new season!
  • There is a section of tips about dressing and fashion: wat should you wear in the next wedding?

how to sell something online with poshmark


Many of you already know what Ebay is, right? Ebay is one of these websites to sell items online where sellers and buyers contact each other through the site. It is world-wide known and you can find very rare items, as well as regular stuff- both new and used.

We feel that Ebay has lost the popularity it had some years ago, but they still invest in their app version for Android and iOS devices. The categories are the same as the ones on the website, and you can really find anything you look for.

You don’t need to personally meet the buyer/seller (like in Letgo or Wallapop), as it usually works through regular mail. The platform has a guarantee and security when it’s time to pay, so you don’t need to worry about being scammed. Remember to check out the seller’s reviews!

If you look well and you make a good bid, you can buy real bargains. If you are in a hurry, you can find products with an immediate buy for a certain quantity of money. It is very good for new (not used) goods. Both professionals and particulars can sell their stuff here.

sell my items online by ebay


We hope that with these online seller websites and apps you can buy and sell all the stuff you want. Presents, useful items, clothes, bags, toys, merchandise, furniture, cars… Anything you can imagine!

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