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how to download apps on android tablet
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4 apps for tablets you should download right now!

At we are always talking about the mobile phone apps that make our lives easier, whether they are for business, for our kids, or even for our dogs. But we have to think of other devices that also take advantage from the benefits of downloading apps. We have already talked about Apple TV or Chromecast, for example. Today we bring the best apps for Android tablets and iPad.

how to download apps on android tablet

4 free phone app for Android tablet

Flipboard: a free app for reading news on your Samsung tab or your iPad 2

Newspapers have long passed into a better life. Many of the publishers decided to bet on the digital versions of them. And the technological advance is unstoppable.

Flipboard is an app for reading news on your mobile devices. But not any news: only the ones you choose. This is the next step on the digital revolution: customized information, on demand. You decide what you are interested in and the source of information you want to read, and Flipboard updates it for you automatically.

You can choose between newspapers and magazines from all around the world. There is no excuse for not being informed of what is happening!

apps on samsung tablet

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Kindle, one of those free book apps for android tablet and iPads

This is another way to take advantage of the resolution of your tablet screen. Kindle turns your iPad or tablet into an eBook, bringing the two devices together in one. This is perfect if you are traveling and you don’t want to carry too many gadgets!

Kindle is an app for reading optimized for any device. It allows you access to more than one and a half million e-books among which you will find 1400 completely free. Free reading on your tablet is no longer a problem!

You can adjust the reading to whatever you prefer, such as screen brightness or letter size. In addition, you can check the words you don’t know in your integrated dictionary.

kindle for tablets

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Youtube: a MUST app for tablets to watch free videos

Youtube has become the most revolutionary social network of videos on the Internet. It really marked a before and after in the way of sharing, knowing, listening to music or making yourself known around the world, among many other things.

We consider it one of the best apps for tablet of all types, because thanks to the large screen of these devices, you can enjoy the videos in a superior quality and without having to make an effort on the small screen of the mobile

Enjoy your videoclips, the jokes, the most viral videos, free movies, and the latest news with Youtube for tablet and iPad. Download it here now!

tab apps free

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Google Earth, a free amazing app for Tablet you shouldn’t miss

Google Earth is an awesome Google tool that allows you to see to the last corner of planet Earth – and now much more, letting you see parts of the universe, like the Moon.

A perfect application for the most curious geographers, or for those who want to see their home from the air. It has an incredible zoom, and it gives perfect details of most of the world geography.

We put it as a tablet application, since the size of the screen once again surpasses the one of the mobile phones in terms of the use and benefit of certain visual applications, just like this one.

samsung tablet apps free download

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And so far, our proposal of four applications that will help you to take advantage of your tablet, whether it is a galaxy tab or an iPad. We know that there are many more, of course, but today we have focused on those that are specifically going work better for tablet than for mobile, by the mere fact of the size and resolution of the device screen. And as always, we await your comments!

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