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good learning apps for toddlers
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Which is the best online education app for teachers?

Are you looking for the best free learning apps for kids? Or maybe you want an attendance app? Check out our list of educational school apps!

New technologies can become a nightmare for any teacher during class: cellphones ringing, students answering Whatsapps, or new and modern ways of cheating in a test, among many other things.

However, there are many positive things about technology and schools: you can create educational app for your students, and there are plenty of good learning apps for toddlers, for example.  After investigating and browsing around the Internet, we have found the best apps for teachers (Android and iOS) in the current market.

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Top 5 list of free apps for education

Too Noisy (free)

Controlling the noise levels in a classroom is not always an easy task. Sometimes, the students get too bored, and sometimes they have many things to say to each other that they cannot remain in silence. Too Noisy becomes your virtual personal assistant that keeps the silence in the room in an easy, dynamic and funny way.

This is one of the best apps for classroom management and it is going to be your best ally as a teacher. It is based on a screen that puts pressure on the students to keep quiet. In the main screen of the app, there is a noise meter with a smiley on the right side. If the arrow reaches the high level of noise, the smiley will not smile anymore and it will start crying or even covering its ears. And there is even a warning alarm!

The teacher can adjust the sensibility of this educator app according to the subject, as it is not the same a reading class than a debate. Anyways, there is always the possibility of turning off the alarm sound. There is a Premium version of the school app (Too Noisy Pro) for only 2,99$, in which we have the option of giving virtual prizes to the students. In this way, they play the silence game… and isn’t that our main goal?

too noisy apk

Teacher’s Assistant Pro (free)

This app was created by a teacher and its main objective is to help teachers from all over the world to control the behavior and habits of the students. This is one of the school apps that allows sharing this information with parents and the administration of the center through e-mail or Dropbox.

More than 100000 teachers around the world are using this app in their daily live. We consider this application to be one of the apps that must be on the most prepared tablets for teachers.

You can communicate with the parents of the kids/youngsters through your iPhone or iPad in order to tell them the good or bad behavior of their son or daughter, as well as their achievements, failures or infringements. Be ready for the next meeting!

Every action can save the name, date and time, the place where it happened, pictures, a description of the facts, the consequences, and even if the parents have already been informed. Besides, you can customize it with different colors, save information about the student or their parents, add or take details to your convenience.

The lite (and free) version allows an unlimited number of students and up to 5 actions per person. So, you can try it first and if five actions are not enough for you, you can pay 5,99$ for the Premium Assistant. This app is only available for iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch), but the developers have already confirmed an Android version.

teachers assistant android

Remind (free)

Remind is an Android and iOS app that allows you to communicate in a safe way with parents and students. Teachers, trainers or school administration can send reminders, homework or even motivational messages directly to the students or parents’ phones.

And all this in a safe way and keeping your privacy all the time, as nobody can see the telephone numbers. These reminders are sent for free and make the parents participate in the students’ life from outside the class walls. This results in:

  • This is probably the best attendance app: parents get involved, kids go to school.
  • Better grades.
  • Better communication from all parts.
  • An improvement as education professionals.

the best educational apps: remind


This is an educational app that becomes the source of inspiration for the next class and allows teachers and students learn new topics that are not normally on the books.

TED talks are conferences from experts in many subjects and topics, such as education, learning, technology, science, business, or music, among thousands of others. Maybe one of these people gives us the creativity to teach or next lesson. This is one of the apps for classroom that can help you with a lot of material: more than 1700 videos and audios, and many more are added every week!

Most of the videos have subtitles in more than 90 languages –though the huge majority is in English. It is also possible to download whatever you like to watch videos offline, without an Internet connection.

This application can make the difference. Maybe is not one of the best educational apps for kindergarten, but it is perfect for superior levels.

ted best talks Android

Google Classroom

Google Classroom is one of the educational mobile apps that can be used if you already have an existing account on Google Apps for Education, a free platform for schools and universities that includes many other Google services such as Gmail, Drive or Docs –also useful for school tasks.

With this application, Google does a step forward on the field of the education and gets into the classroom. The application is designed to do many teacher tasks, for example:

  • Create and receive assigned homework.
  • Create a specific Google Document for every student.
  • It is probably the best gradebook app on Google Play.
  • It is also a good app for taking assistance.

On the other side, students can follow up the pending homework and start doing the tasks with just one click. The teachers, of course, can see whether they have done it or not. At the same time, there is an immediate feedback between both parts and between the students.

Another positive aspect is that this teachers attendance app (and more) is very easy to use, has no advertisements and your personal information is not given to third parts for advertising purposes.

google classroom: best online education app

These are probably the best educational apps for teachers on Google Play and App Store. They can be used on different operating systems and multiple devices, such as iPad for kids learning, the latest iPhone model, an Android smartphone or even a normal phone. We cannot forbid all the technology in class, but we can make the most of it. As teachers of the next 21st century, we have to overcome the traditional barrier and mix our lessons with the modernity.

Do you know more top kids educational apps? As a teacher, do you use a classroom attendance app? From you point of view, which are the best educational apps for kindergarten? Did you know that there are math apps for teachers?


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