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how to move apps on android

How to transfer files to SD card with Android and iPhone?

One of the most common problems that smartphone users face is the lack of space or memory limitation. Applications and games need a lot of MB, and internal memories are somewhat limited. That is why there are some applications to pass files and app to SD. We also give you other alternatives, stay tuned.

how to move apps on android

How do I save apps to my SD card without software?

In most cases, we will be able to transfer files and app to SD card through the phone settings, just choosing “Move to SD card” within each application. In some cases, due to the conditions of the particular application, it won’t be possible saving apps to SD card. In that case, you can use the applications that we discuss below.

How to move apps to SD card (Android -without ROOT)

AppMgr III (previously known as App 2 SD): an application to install app to SD card

If you keep asking yourself “how do I save apps to my SD card?”, this is a useful tool do it, with four basic and complete functions. First, you can move apps to external SD card without root card and vice versa, so you can free space on the smartphone or the external card as you want.

Secondly, it allows you to hide applications that you don’t want to see: your privacy is guaranteed. Thirdly, you can freeze apps so they do not consume any memory or CPU resources. And last but not least, it works as an app manager that will allow you to reposition, uninstall, move or share them with your friends.

In addition, it is very useful to clean the memory of the phone with a single touch: clear cache and erase data of all the apps or one by one in particular.

Over 30 million downloads!

how to download apps to sd card android

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How to move apps to SD card? (ROOT – Android)

Remember that when you root your mobile phone, it’s your responsibility. In the same way, you are also responsible for what you install and the effects it may cause. In theory, nothing should happen, but there is always a risk. At the very least, remember to make a backup of everything you have on the phone.

Mounts2SD: learn how to make apps go to SD card easily

Apart from being rooted, you need your smartphone to support Init.d and to have several partitions (Ext2, Ext3 or Ext4 on your SD card). This app will help you manage your apps, move app to SD (root) and free space on your phone.

The app optimizes internal partitions, checks and fixes external partitions when the app starts, auto-cleans and fixes the error message “There is not enough internal storage space” by restructuring applications. You can customize it completely to your liking.

send to sd card app

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S2E (simple2ext): how to transfer from phone to SD card anything you want

This app is useful to learn how to move apps to SD card in Samsung or any other Android device, but it only works with the free operating systems CyanogenMod7, CyanogenMod9 and CyanogenMod10.

The application installs a script on your phone (we remind you again: use it under your responsibility and if you have enough knowledge) that will allow you to move everything to SD card.

It’s free, it’s in English or Spanish and it uses very little phone memory.

how to move apps to sd card android

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Can I move data to SD card on iPhone?

iPhone does not have an SD card slot, so the storage cannot be increased with an external card. This is already going well for Apple, since currently you pay more for more storage, and if it could be increased with an SD, the user would simply choose the cheapest terminal. However, there are other ways to increase iPhone memory.

  1. Use an adapter connector, either stand-alone (Zoom Media Plus sells one, but you can only access the files through the Zoom app) or the same Apple house (which only accepts photo and video, not music, and that, in addition, is only intended for iPad)
  2. Storage in the cloud (iCloud). Whenever you have Internet access, it is a viable option.
  3. Restore the iPhone factory and remove applications that you no longer use. Basically, free space on iPhone.


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