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find an app to track phone without them knowing

TOP GPS Tracker Mobile App for iPhone and Android

Do you know how to track a phone with apps? Check out our list of best applications for smartphones. Only the best ones!

Sometimes, whether it’s because of misdirection or malicious intent from third parties, we lose our smartphones. But today, there are many track mobile apps that can help us. How to recover a stolen or lost phone is very simple, indeed.

Most of these app to track phone work with GPS location, and thanks to it, we can know where our cell has been stolen/lost. Also, device tracker apps can be useful as parents, to watch over our kids after school.

Discover here and now the best mobile GPS tracking device for Android and iOS.

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Top app to track iPhone and Android devices

Lookout Security and Antivirus

More than 60 million downloads endorse the quality of this mobile app tracking. The application, however, is much more than that: it is an anti-malware, anti-theft, antispyware, antivirus, GPS tracker online, and phone locator.

All those security apps in one, and for free. This GPS tracker with app is available for both Android and iOS and in this way, expanding its range of customers. The application provides continuous protection against any type of virus, adware or malicious content for our devices.

If you lose your cell phone, don’t panic, the application locates the phone on a map and turns on an alarm even if it is in silent mode. It also saves the last position of the smartphone or tablet in case the battery runs out.

In the premium version, you can access to other options, such as receiving an email with a photo and location of who picks up your phone without permission, a privacy analysis, remote locking or backup of photos, among other things.

One of the most complete and free GPS tracking device app available.

free cell phone tracker app android

Family locator

Family Locator is another of those apps for both Android and iOS that lets you know where your family is through the locator and mobile trace app options. The tracker allows you to create circles (family, friends, teammates …) in which, apart from locating your position through the mobile, you can chat with the group.

The application allows you to receive alerts in real time when a member of the circle arrives or leaves their destination. It is also an app that thanks to the tracker can be used to locate a stolen or lost cellphone.

Being a family-oriented application, if you pay a small fee you can include non-smartphone phones in the list of localized mobiles. In addition, to ensure privacy, locations can only be seen by members of each circle, no one else.

The GPS location tracker app provides the precise location of phones connected to the network.

family locator gps cellphone tracking by number

GPS Phone Locator

GPS Phone Locator works as a GPS tracker app for your family and friends. Tracking your mobile phone simply and effectively in order to control where your friends and family members are, is going to be easier than ever.

Thanks to the GPS Tracker technology you can know in real time the location of the linked mobile devices. Through a map, the app shows the exact location in of your cell phone. Also, this is very useful in case of robbery!

GPS tracking is an application to locate the phone, to know where your family is or to explore a city. It is a free GPS tracking app for Android that you shouldn’t miss.

gps tracker android

Trust and Go

Trust & Go is one of the best Android apps to protect your phone and locate it easily and totally free. The app is an antivirus for smartphones, as it creates a barrier against viruses, malware or spyware that can affect your security and privacy.

Through your security scanner, you can detect and eliminate viruses of all types, either in the SD card or in the internal memory. It has apps finders and exclusive browsers so you can navigate with no danger.

With your Candid Camera Thief ID, you can lock the phone, and if someone incorrectly enters the password three times you will get an email with the picture of the thief. It also offers the possibility of backing up all your content and serves as a guarantee of privacy when using certain applications.

best app to track a phone


Have you ever wondered who steals or spies your cell phone without you knowing? Although many times we are happy for having found it after a pickpocket during our daily trip in the subway, with Cerberus you can not only find your Smartphone but also you can identify the responsible for the robbery.

The program has three systems to achieve its mission:

  • a remote control through its web,
  • a message from another device,
  • or automatic alerts.

In this way, you can run an alarm, take photos, lock the phone with a code or display a message on the screen. For example, if the offender tries to unlock the phone and does it incorrectly, a picture of it will automatically be sent to your email.

Among other functions, GPS will only be activated when you say it, and you also can prevent the application from being uninstalled by the thief. You have a free trial week and after this, for only 4.99 you’ll have it on your Android forever. Better pay 4.99 than a new device, right?

how to track a cell phone without an app

Find my iPhone

Find my iPhone is an app to locate iPhone, iPad, Mac or iPod Touch. Any iOS device can be located and tracked after the installation of this application.

When you open the app, you need to log in with the Apple ID user you have for iCloud. Among the possibilities that this iPhone tracker app offers, you can find: tracking the device, turn on a sound as an alarm (even in silence mode), block it remotely, display a message on the screen or delete all the contents and data of the device.

All of these options are meant to protect your files (photos, music, videos…) and data from possible misuses. Once you find that the mobile has been lost, you can access to the location history to see where it is and it has been at any time. Through a map and GPS locations, you can recover your stolen iPhone.

find my iphone online


We hope you don’t find yourself in the situation of losing a cell phone or being robbed. Locating the mobile phone is very simple, but for this, you need to install any of these apps in advance.

And, as always, your moment is here: have you ever had your smartphone stolen? Have you been able to retrieve it with an app to track the phone? Tell us about your experiences!


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