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where to watch anime online for free

iPhone and Android ANIME APPS: watch your favorite series on your smartphone!

Don’t miss our selective list of applications to watch Japanese series, shows and movies on your smartphone or tablet. Only the best!

Anime is one of the most popular film genres and series of all time. It has become not only a way of entertainment worldwide, but also in a whole universe and even a philosophy of life and understanding the world.

The merchandising that is sold around the world of the anime is immense and its impact is reflected in different festivals, in Internet and in almost any form of television and cinematographic culture.

As good addicts to series and anime movies, today in TuAppPara we will recommend some of the best watch anime mobile app for your electronic devices. Watch Anime anytime and anywhere!

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TOP Apps to Watch Anime on Android and iOS


This is, undoubtedly, one of our favorite apps to watch anime on our phones. And you can find it easily and for free on Google Play and the App Store.

The application to see anime series is one of the most complete, as it has a library of more than 25000 episodes and 15000 hours of anime series, both current and classic. You can stay up-to-date on the latest broadcasts: episodes appear in the app just one hour after their TV release!

Hunter X Hunter, Naruto Shippuden, Sword Art Online or Fairy Tail are just some of the names you’ll find in this fantastic app. You can watch anime for free without paying any fees or subscription. But, of course, there is the premium version without ads, where you can watch the latest episodes directly from Japan, watch high quality videos, and enjoy the anime episodes on your XBOX 360, Apple TV, Wii U, PS3, PS Vita, Roku, PS4 and much more. It also supports Chromecast.

crunchyroll samsung tv


Underanime is one of the best apps to watch anime online on mobile or tablet, but it was removed from Google Play for infringing copyright. We leave you here an alternative link in case you are interested in trying it.

It has its own website, which is updated faster than the application. In this app, you will find access to Japanese series, shows, and movies of all times. Its interface is simple to use, very intuitive and also with a very nice design in sight.

It has the advantage that everything loads very fast and we also have the movies and anime series sorted either by name or by update date. It also has its own search engine so you can find whatever you need.

What more could you ask for? Oh yeah, we forgot: HD quality.

anime mobile apk


This is the official app of, a website where we can find thousands and thousands of episodes and complete Japanese TV series. The application is not officially on Google Play, but its creators have an official link that we offer you below.

The application is fully optimized for any type of Android device and allows you to quickly and easily access the animes hosted on their website. The application includes a search engine that will allow us to effectively search for what interests us at any time.

You can see your anime series online for free, but if you want to download them you will have to go to the pro version.

jkanime android

Anime Radio

This application is not precisely to WATCH or download anime for free, but to LISTEN to the most famous songs of anime series and movies. It works as a radio, as its name indicates, so we cannot select what we want to hear at any time, but we can let ourselves be carried away and immerse ourselves in the world of anime through its music.

In addition, here you will find the most popular hits of Jrock, Jpop, Kpop and Krock along with the familiar soundtracks of your favorite animes. There are several radio stations to choose from and you can see the name of each song that is being played in each moment. It also allows you to save your favorite stations.

app to listen radio


If you surf the Internet in search of the best websites that offer anime in streaming, surely you will find endless options that will make you lose a lot of time, since you will have to check one by one its characteristics and contents until you decide for the best option.

Well, AnimeDroid is specially designed for users who consume anime through the web, allowing to see a large number of movies and series streaming on an Android device, both in SD and HD. The application itself works through a list of providers that host the content of the best Japanese animation websites, whether in Spanish or English.

Its interface is very intuitive, in it you can find all titles sorted alphabetically with their cover. Although the tool is designed to view the content without downloading, you also have the possibility to download the links to watch later offline. Because the app is not available on Google Play, we leave you an alternative link in case you are willing to try it out.

animedroid iphone


Animax used to be an app that we could easily find on Google Play, but it’s gone. However, we can easily find it on the external link that we leave below (and without problems). Remember to allow your Android to install external applications of unknown origin.

We particularly like this one because it has a lot of anime series and its online catalog to watch anime on Android is very complete.

best anime japan apk


We hope you find a suitable free anime app to watch online or to download. While one of them (Anime Radio) differs by being an anime music radio, the rest will give you the possibility to watch your favorite anime series and movies, from the most classic to the latest broadcasts in Japan.

Do you know any other application to watch movies and anime series?

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