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Don’t miss the best app to watch football live!

Check out these amazing list of applications and sites which stream football / soccer games, as well as many other sports. Let the game begin!

Are you a real fan of live sports? Do you like watching live matches from your Android or iPhone but can’t find a good app to watch live football matches? We come to your rescue! Today in TuAppPara you will find the best applications to watch football live and direct, so you can enjoy the king sport on your Android smartphone or tablet and your iPhone / iPad.

Some of them are useful to watch live TV as well, and others are designed to watch free football exclusively. Once again: enjoy!

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Live football streaming apps you should know if you really love sports!

Roja Directa TV

If you are one of those who wonder what is the best premier league app for Android, we give you the most effective one: Roja Directa TV (in English, Direct Red (card) TV). If you are a fan (or if you like to see some specific matches) you surely know already this online platform to watch free streaming football. The good news is that Roja Directa has also an one of the best football streaming apps for Android.

Be careful: on Google Play you will find some identity imitators: do NOT fall into the trap of downloading the wrong app to watch football live! We leave here the official link to see live matches with your mobile phone or tablet par excellence.

With assurance, you know how it works, but just in case we remind you. It is best that you access from the browser of your phone or tablet to their official website (below the image), and there you need to look for the match you want to see. Click and go.

free football streaming ipad

Go to


Watching free football games on the Internet with Veetle is very simple, so Android users should be already downloading this application. Veetle is a website that shares a P2P TV system for sharing videos and other files. Thanks to this system, we have full access to a number of channels such as PGA Championship, GolTV or NBA Basketball.

The best thing is that within each channel there is a chat room where you can comment the plays of the match directly with other users who are watching the game at the same time as you. In addition, not only it is an app to watch football online for free and live, but you can also enjoy other sports such as golf and basketball.

If you were wondering what watch soccer live online you should use on weekends, you already have the answer.

veetle, online soccer streaming

Forza Football

Forza Football is an Android app to watch live soccer that has revolutionized smartphones and tablets. Not only it is useful to watch live matches but it is also a program to keep up to date the results, calendars, news and much more, giving the user also a communication space to share with a large football community.

Forza Football has democratized football, and it has given the voice of all those fans who can’t do it through traditional means. The application allows you to set alarms for your favorite football teams, whether in the Champions League or in the Cambodian football league. You have it all!

hd football streams


With Ustream, you can watch movies and shows, as well as, of course, live soccer matches. For this, you just need to find your favorite channel, the one that is broadcasting the live match. You can search by topic, so it’s very easy.

You just need someone to be broadcasting live the match that you are interested on. At the same time, you can become a broadcaster. Are you ready?

best football streaming sites


If you want to watch free games and the previous ones did not convince you, don’t worry. We come with this last one that we are sure you will love. We introduce you to LIVESTREAM, an application that streams not only matches, but also concerts and many live events. It is a free application that works on mobile and Android tablet and has its version on iPhone and iPad. Just perfect!

With it, you can watch football for free and without problems. For this, you will have to register – again, it is free – and look for the game that interests you at that moment. Yes, it depends on someone broadcasting it or streaming a recorded one, but since soccer is the king of sports, you won’t have any problem finding the most important matches.

Enjoy the sport on your smartphone!

live stream soccer games


We hope that with these apps to watch live football matches you can quench your thirst for games and watch football for free whenever you want. And if one doen’t work, try another, because sometimes it will vary depending on the device and the quality of Internet connection you have at that time (by the way, do you know that there is an app to improve WiFi?).

We always look forward to your comments below!

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