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add text to picture online

Add text to your photos with this amazing apps

Taking a picture and post it online is not enough sometimes. What’s more, it’s not even enough to modify those photos. No. Adding text in our pics is a funny complement to them. When we write on a picture, we can create inspirational or motivational images, such as those with beautiful landscapes with texts, or we can generate funny memes. Also, we can add cool text to photo when it means something to us and to that special moment.

We like those online photo editors to write text, but what we even like more are those text adder app for Android and iOS. Don’t miss out this list of apps to write on pictures!

add text to picture online

4 app to write on photos you should already know

How to write on a Picture with Android?

InstaQuote, an app to write on photos for Instagram

We have previously talked about Instagram and the best 3rd party apps for that one. With many original typographies, InstaQuote offers the possibility to add text on images to post them afterward on the famous social media app.

You are able to add text to a picture (online/offline, it doesn’t matter) and say whatever you think to whoever you want. In this app, you can use 20 different designs as well as different backgrounds in high quality (HD) –so, don’t worry if you don’t have good pics on your phone.

This application is synchronized with Instagram and it allows you to export your new creation directly to your ig gallery or your personal photo album. This photo app to write on photos has more than 50 fonts so we can use what suits best for us. Of course, we can edit text on photo: alignment, size, position, space, and color. Add a photo with meaning to your Instagram account!

letter editor for instagram

Get it on Google Play

Phonto, a free app to write on pictures

Phonto is one of the most popular app for putting words on photos. Its success is mainly because of its great simplicity of use (adding text on photos is very easy) and also because of the amazing results. The text on pictures with Phonto are not like the rest of applications.

Phonto offers more than 200 typographies and fonts so you can put text on pictures: funny jokes, love quotes, dates… whatever you want. The app allows the installation of alternative fonts –just in case we don’t like the ones from the application.

You can edit the size, position, color, rotation, wide, space, background, and much more.  Definitely, a photo editor with caption that you shouldn’t miss.

write on photos with phonto

Get it on Google Play

What app allows you to write on photos? (iPhone)

Text On Pictures, one of the best iPhone apps to… add text on pictures

As its name says, Text On Pictures offers you the chance to add titles, quotes, stickers, emojis or any other kind of decoration to your images. The process takes no longer than 2 minutes and you can directly share the results on Facebook, e-mail, Instagram or Twitter.

The app offers more than 120 fonts to write on photos and you can move them all over the pic to choose the best result. Besides, it has more than 60 emoticons to add to the pictures and the texts, as well as more than 30 special effects (FX) to fully customize the images.

The application allows you to change the sizes, colors, positions and whatever you want to edit. It is very easy to use and the results are astonishing. Putting quotes on photos has never been so easy. You can use it also on iPad.

app to add text to pictures

Available on the App Store

Typic, a professional “caption on picture” app

Without a doubt, Apple is the reigning company when we talk about design and image, so you can imagine that the iOS apps to edit pics are probably the best of the market. So, if we focus on the topic of putting words to our pictures, we find wonders such as Typic.

It is the number one photo app in 80 countries, and there are many reasons for this. Typic allows you to put quotes to pics, to explain your story through images and words. In the most professional way.

It has more than 105 kinds of fonts, and you are able to edit the typography and space while writing. Besides, you can add more than 23 filters and up to 12 special light effects to give you photos a masterful touch.

And not only that, this writing on pic app has also 500 extra elements and 12 different frames. Customize your professional pictures! It is a free app, but you can buy different extras inside.

iphone app for writing on pics

Available on the App Store

Latest update: an original app to put texts on a photo (Android AND iPhone)

Font Studio, a great application for writing on pictures

This is a wonderful app that is available both for Android and iOS users. Font Studio is an application that many professional graphic designers and photographers use in their daily lives –in fact, it is one of their most common working tools.

If you want to write on a photo in an original and beautiful way, this is what you were looking for. No matter what you want to do, it is possible: inspirational messages, motivational sentences… The best kept secret of photo professionals has been discovered.

These are probably the most original typographies and they look great with any photo you have. There are more than 120 to choose and you can combine them with more than 400 stickers, 17 filters, frames or other special and attractive effects.

Putting texts on photos with this app is going to make you unique and the best of all is that you are able to edit it: cut, rotate, change the size or other basic features, such as colors or shadows.

Edit your images with this excellent photo application for iOS.

free ios app to write on photos

Get it on Google Play

Available on the App Store

Of course, there are many other apps to put text on picture online. It is a very wide sector in which apps developers constantly work to be the best on this field. This competitiveness benefits us, the users. Make the most of your photos and use your imagination and creativity by writing on any image. No matter if you use Android or iOS, you can download any of the apps mentioned above.

And now it’s your turn to talk: do you know any other photo editing apps? Share your knowledge!


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