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Apps for writers Android and ios
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The Android and iOS App Writers Shouldn’t miss!

Being a writer is one of the most suffered professions in all the process, from the beginning to the end. Same thing happens with almost all the artistic branches. The lack of inspiration, the difficulty of publishing or selling your art, and the few benefits that the writer receives at the end are only just some of the factors that make this task a bit complicated. But once again, technology comes to our rescue and there are many writers app that will make our lives easier. Discover here the best apps for writers on iOS and Android!

Apps for writers Android and ios

Best creative writing apps ever!

App Writing Challenge: creative writing guaranteed!

The Android/iOS app Writing Challenge proposes many actions (prompts) to generate creativity and inspiration for professional and amateur writers. Its way of working is very simple: launch the online writing app and it will send you a suggestion. If you don’t like it, you can try a new one. From now on, you can start (or continue) your work.

Then, every minute (o every X minutes, you decide the settings), this amazing writers app sends you a new idea. It can be just random words, characters, sentences, conversations, places or actions. You are going to transform the art of literature in a game thanks to probably one of the best apps for book writing.

Thanks to Writing Challenge app, writers can improve their novels, and they will be able to express themselves wherever and whenever they want. Inspiration, fun, and motivation: what else do you need?

Besides, it offers some advice for professionals: how to relax, being perseverant, find your own rhythm, share ideas, or have fun, among others. Discover all your potential with the best writing app on iOS and Android!

app writer

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Story Planner: a storyboard app that makes your life easier.

Having a solid script, a structure, is what is going to help us the most when we work on our stories. Thanks to the app Story Planner we can plan and make a good structure in an easy way. Besides, we can create it whenever and wherever we want, with no limitations –in fact, it is one of the best offline apps that help you write a book.

This writing editor app allows you to put as many projects as you want, create characters and locations, organize and distribute the moments of the story step by step, link these characters to the created situations and, the best of all: obtain statistics of your novel, book, or papers.

These statistics will help you to quickly see what you have already written, choose the best script and the most suitable structure, and balance the coherence of the novel or the fairy tale. This is one of the most amazing writing apps that allows you to export your work into RTF or TXT.

storyboard app ios

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Book Writer Free: looking for best novel writing apps?

Writing applications are not always easy to use, but this one is not only easy but useful as hell. Book Writer Free is one of the perfect creative writing apps that you’ll find on Google Play –exclusively, as they are still writing an iOS app version (for iPad and iPhone)!

The mobile application allows you to create stories, develop your creativity, and encourage the emerging of books of any kind. The way of doing it is very simple: like other book applications, it allows you to structure your stories to make them a whole book. For example, if you write the names of the characters aside and you link them to the main story, you can modify all these names easily at once.

Each chapter is automatically saved to its latest version. This is one of those apps to help you write a book for FREE, but if you want to upgrade to its premium (and paid) version, you’ll find many advantages, such as going back to older versions if that’s what you want. In the end, you can export all your data!

apps for novel writing

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Celtx Cards: apps for writing stories in a cool way!

Celtx Cards is not a normal writing editor app but the best app writing software ever. This is because it makes everything happen in a fun way, it’s different from the ones mentioned above. The application lets you organize your thoughts and create your storyline or scripts in an easy and quick way.

The cards created with your ideas or thoughts can be put on different colors and you can even tag them (for example, blue for characters, or green for locations). You’ll have full control over what you’re going to write.

This application for writers is synchronized with Celtx Studio, where you will be able to convert your cards into scripts and write individually or with your team. Moreover, you can make backup copies of your cards, so in case you lose your smartphone or tablet you can recover the info on your account.

celtx writing application with cards

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We hope that with these apps for writing papers you can create whatever is going on in your head. Allow your most artistic part to go out and encourage it with these amazing writing mobile apps. Choose the one that fills your need better and don’t stop until you find the one you like the most.

How do you get your inspiration as a writer? Do you normally use applications for that end?


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