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6 app to hide photos

Do you know how to encrypt photos on your smartphone?

Are you looking for some free photo locker apps? Find the best APPS to hide your pictures from your parents or your girlfriend / boyfriend…

Our mobile phone is no longer a device to call or receive calls, or a tool to send and receive SMS. Nowadays, a cellphone has a million uses: you can find your personal data, financial information, e-mail, Facebook and social media, the phone number of all our contacts… and, of course, all our photos and videos.

Today we want to talk about this last matter: pics and videos (including movies) and all those apps we can use to encrypt or hide them. The thing is, how many times we borrow our phone to show a picture and the receiver swipes to the next image? What if you have private photos? People don’t really care, but we do, so check out this list of app to hide pictures and photos on Android and iPhone. Enjoy your privacy with these magnificent applications!

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Which secure photo app should I use to hide my files?

Private Photo Vault

Private Photo Vault (a.k.a Vaulty app) is one of the best apps to hide photos on iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. If you don’t believe us, you can ask to any of the 5 million users that have already downloaded this file hide expert.

This is one of the top 100 photo apps in many countries, such as United States, Japan, Ireland, France or Mexico, among others.

The app allows you to block your most personal photos with a PIN code or a customized unlocking pattern. Anyway, your photos will remain hidden from prying eyes. And not only that, but you can also hide full photo albums with a password.

Moreover, if someone tries to see the secret pics and makes a mistake when putting the code, a photo from the frontal camera will be automatically taken and sent to your e-mail together with the GPS location. So, this makes this app perfect to find your iPhone!

hide apps on phone: photo vault

Keep Safe Photo Vault

Keep Safe Photo Vault is an app developed by KeepSafe (later we will see the same application to hide photos for Android). This company is focused on give us privacy and hide pictures and videos from our iPhone and iPad –but, of course, it is also available for iPod.

You just need to export the secret pictures from the secure photo gallery to the application KeepSfae Photo Vault and only those who know the PIN code can see the photos. It’s as simple as that. In addition, you can take pics directly from the application and they will remain locked and hidden until you want –no need to export anything in this case.

Perfect for your most intimate photos!

This app allows you to hide pictures and lock videos unlimitedly –or until you waste all your iPhone’s memory. Excellent secure photo app, for sure.

free keep safe app iphone


KYMS looks like a calculator app on your iPhone screen, probably the less attractive kind of application on any smartphone, don’t you think?

Thanks to that, your pics will remain locked forever in your iPhone. And not only pictures, but also videos, documents, passwords, and any kind of multimedia file. If you want to know how to hide an app or file, download KYMS: it uses AES encryption, the military kind of data protection!

The app decrypts all codes in real time and it includes an amazing photo editor so you can customize your private pics. Videos are decrypted also in real time and at the same time, you can reproduce them on the background. It accepts common formats and other less known such as WMV, FLV or MKV.

One of the most powerful and useful applications to protect pictures.

calculator app to hide pictures


We have already talked about Keep Safe before. KS is an app to lock pictures on iPhone, the same way it hides photos on Android devices. Same developers, same features. Keep Safe App is one of those applications for mobile security designed to improve the privacy of our videos and photos in an efficient and simple way.

The app gives as many protection options for Android, such as a secret PIN code to protect files, visualization of videos in full-screen mode, or the possibility of taking pictures directly from the application –and, in this way, photos remain safe from the very beginning.

Hide your information in Android phone using this tool, probably the most functional among all of them.

hide pictures app download

Hide Photos in Photo Locker

If you want to privately hide your photos on Android, PhotoLocker is one of the best applications to do that. The app is like a closet with a key, but the difference is that instead of using a key, you have a 4-number password to protect your data against the eyes of others.

At the same time, this app not only keeps our information safe in a hidden place of our smartphone. The app encrypts photos and videos through AES encryption, which, as we have told you before, is the one used for military stuff.

In other words, even if your phone or SD card are stolen and a copy of the data is made, no one can see the protected pictures.

This may sound complicated to noob eyes, but the use of this application is very intuitive and simple thanks to its interface. This fantastic tool is totally free, but you can extend it to Premium if you want extra features.

secret photo album

Gallery Vault

With this vaulty app, you can hide photos, videos and any kind of file in an easy way and also through encryption. The app has a very simple but pleasing design, and you can even hide the icon to avoid any kind of suspicions.

The app allows you to move the encrypted files to the SD card, so we can save space in our phone memory. This is a huge advantage when we compare this application with the rest of this list. Besides, there is no file limitation in the free version, a feature that our pockets are going to thank for.

Gallery Vault also tells us when someone has unsuccessfully tried to access to our data via e-mail. There is also the possibility to create a fake PIN code that shows fake pictures in case someone demands you to show the secret photos.

app to lock photos free


We hope that with these apps to hide pictures you can find the one that suits you the most, no matter if you have an Android phone or an iPhone. Hiding video or other files is good for our privacy (same happens with those apps to hide apps), and we will no longer suffer when we lend our phone to someone else. Our secrets are safe forever.

Share with us your own experience with hidden pics! Do you know any other picsafe app?


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