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best tv app android
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The Best Apps to watch tv shows online (Android and iOS)

Our smartphones and tablets have been replacing over time other electronic devices such as the computer, the game console or the radio cassette, but also objects, like books, for instance. Today we are going to see one of the first cases, specifically the one of the television. Watching TV on our smartphones is possible since a long time ago, but there are some apps to watch TV on that still make it easier. Whether you want apps to watch TV on iPhone or you want to watch TV shows free on Android, this article is for you. Pay attention.

best tv app android

Best app to watch TV on your phone

Three apps for watching free television on Android

Watch TV, an Android application to watch TV in English

Watch TV is simple but effective. It is an Android application to watch free television in which you will have access to more than 100 different channels, so you can see whatever you want.

Among its options, we have channels classified by television category, such as music, movies, cartoons, entertainment, sports, education and news. It also has the “most popular” category, so you can be up to date on what you see on mobile TV.

The majority of channels are in English, since the app is directed to the North American market. So, it is perfect if we want to watch TV in English and practice a bit (if that is not your mother tongue, of course). For its operation, we only need to open our browser and choose the online channel that we want. Make sure you have a good connection!

free tv channels for android

Get it on Google Play

Mivo, a great app to watch television for free

To connect to the Android Mivo app you will have to register with the account of one of these three social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest; or by email, whichever you prefer.

Once registered, we will be able to access more than 40 channels of free television in our mobile. You can enjoy your favorite programs, keep up to date with the latest news and share them with anyone you want. The app has many Indonesian TV shows, but at the same time, many international, so we can watch a lot of things.

Its quality of streaming is high and is one of the best valued in Google Play. If you don’t want ads you can subscribe to their premium version.

app for watching tv shows free

Get it on Google Play

Livestream TV, one of the best applications to watch television from all around the world

With Livestream, you can watch TV channels from the US, UK, Germany, Italy and the Middle East, as well as over 200 live channels and 500 on-demand video channels. You can’t complain! Livestream is one of the most complete apps to watch TV on mobile phones.

It has a TV Guide in which we can choose the channel that we want and see what they are going to cast in the next 24 hours. The app is integrated with the main social networks so you can share what you are seeing at any time.

Sports, soap operas, comedies, movies, music or children’s channels, you can see what you want. No need to pay, subscribe, or install anything else, just this app. Take your TV wherever you want.

At the same time, the app lets you record TV shows with a touch of your finger. So, you can watch television whenever you feel like it! These recordings can also be programmed for hours.

android live streaming app

Get it on Google Play

Two amazing iPhone apps to watch TV shows

TV Online, watching TV for free on iPhone and iPad IS POSSIBLE

With TV Online you can watch TV for free on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. She is one of the pioneers in iOS, especially for being a free application and quality. With this application, we can watch Spanish channels on our iPad or iPhone, such as TVE 24h, La Sexta, Cuatro, Antena 3, Ibiza On, Telecinco, Canal Sur, Tv Galicia, Intereconomía, Kiss TV and many more.

As you can see, on TV Online you can watch national and regional channels. The ones you already know, but now available on your mobile. There is no need for DTT coverage, just a good Internet connection for maximum functionality. In addition, the television app adds new channels from time to time.

The app lets you connect your iPhone to your TV using Apple TV or AirPlay.

best tv app for iphone

Available on the App Store

Advance Live TV, iPad and iPhone apps to watch TV shows

If you did not know how to turn your iPhone into TV, here is the perfect application: Advance Live TV. It’s the app to watch TV on iPad or iPhone that you can’t miss. It will replace our conventional television altogether: we can watch movies, watch series, watch sporting events or watch TV shows on our iOS devices.

It is very practical and simple to use, and its interface is very attractive. The app allows you to choose from 100 different channels for free. You can change channels by just pushing a button, as if you had the remote control!

what app can you watch tv shows for free

Available on the App Store

And so far, our list of apps to watch TV on iPhone and Android, five applications that will allow us to watch television on our tablets and smartphones, whatever operating system they are. If you’re looking for something more specific, check out these apps for Smart TV Samsung.

Do you recommend any other app to watch TV? Have you used any of the above? We look forward to your comments below!

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